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Summit1g jailed in GTA RP after big heist ends in disaster

Published: 31/Mar/2021 14:05

by Alex Garton


Despite landing two clean headshots on the cops, Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar’s GTA RP heist ended in disaster after the authorities predicted his escape plan.

When it comes to GTA RP streams on Twitch, viewers are spoiled by the number of great personalities that are playing on the NoPixel server. However, there are two names that stand out above the rest, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and of course, summit1g.

It’s fair to say both of these streamers and their characters in-game have garnered a bit of a reputation in NoPixel. They always seem to find themselves in trouble with the law and causing problems across Los Santos.


Summit’s March 31 stream was no different and involved him taking part in a heist. Although at first the crime appeared to be going to plan, it took a turn for the worse when the authorities were one-step-ahead of his crew.

GTA Heist summit
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GTA heists on NoPixel have to be fully planned out to escape the cops.

Summit1g’s GTA RP heist doesn’t go to plan

Starting the job

After picking and planning out a heist with his crew, the variety streamer set off to start the job. The group had devised a strategy to escape the cops and to them, it seemed completely full proof.

While driving to the heist, the crew even ran into a cop who ignored them and started chasing another driver. Summit began to joke that the police officer could have prevented this whole crime from happening if he just would have pulled them over.


“If only that cop knew that he could have stopped this whole massacre from happening before it even started. Remember this moment.”

The perfect crime?

Shortly after this, the group arrived at the bank and the intense heist began. Despite the pressure from the police outside, the leader of the 1G Squad and his crew managed to open the safe and obtain the money. It was at this point that each of them changed into their scuba gear, ready for their Humane Labs escape plan.

Exiting the bank and jumping into the getaway vehicle, it looked like they had committed the perfect crime.


Little did they know, it was the scuba gear that gave the cops all the information they needed.

Two headshots couldn’t stop the cops

The robbery had been an overwhelming success, all they had to do was escape the law and they were home free. The group stuck the plan and drove as fast as possible to Humane Labs in their scuba gear.

Unfortunately, the cops had noticed their outfits and already positioned a group of armed officers inside the building ready. They were doomed from the start and were about to walk right into a trap.

Seeing the police directly in front of him, summit1g opened fire, landing two perfect headshots on both officers. For whatever reason, the shots were not enough and they were stopped in their tracks.


Summit1g goes to jail

Unfortunately, the heist had been foiled and summit was taken into custody by the authorities. While in jail, he reflected on his decision to begin firing at the cops and wasn’t sure if he’d made a mistake. However, after hitting two perfect headshots, his viewers were confused about why he didn’t kill them before being captured.

“This is what makes me mad, maybe I f***ed up and shot too early, but how I see it is, we’re going down a hallway with only two sides… maybe I jumped the gun but man, that was a Counter-Strike pop from me right there.”


It may not have gone to plan this time for ummit1g, but his attempts are certainly improving over time.

In GTA RP, getting away with a crime is incredibly difficult and requires a lot of planning, so it’s understandable why it went so wrong.

Finger crossed, summit doesn’t give up on the heists and we see him back at it as soon as possible.