Does Stellar Blade have a photo mode?

James Busby
Eve in Stellar Blade

Does Stellar Blade have a photo mode? Well, you can find the answer to that very question in our handy hub. 

A Stellar Blade photo mode is one of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of the game, alongside Eve’s unlockable skins. After all, being able to capture the sleek Nier Automata-inspired combat and lush environments will be a bonus for any player looking to document their playthrough. 

So, whether you’re looking to play the Stellar Blade demo or are eagerly awaiting your Stellar Blade pre-order bonuses, then you likely want to know if the game has an internal photo mode. Well, fortunately, our Stellar Blade photo mode guide has everything you need to know. 

Does Stellar Blade have a photo mode?

No, Stellar Blade won’t feature a photo mode

Speaking to Famitsu, Stellar Blade game director Hyung-Tae Kim revealed that Stellar Blade won’t launch with a photo mode. “We’re currently concentrating on the development of the main game, so we don’t have a photo mode ready yet,” said Kim. “If there are any requests from users, I will do my best to answer them.”

This will come as a disappointment and even a surprise, especially since Stellar Blade features a large variety of skins for Eve. Of course, this won’t stop players from taking screenshots and videos using the PS5’s internal features. 

Whether a Stellar Blade photo mode will be added to the game in the future remains to be seen, but if there are enough requests, it looks like it could be added post-launch.

Before you go snapping those Stellar Blade demo screenshots, be sure to check out our Stellar Blade skins guide to see just how many will be in the game upon release. 

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