Steam Deck user makes horrible mistake after setting Shrek as boot up video

shrek steam deckValve/DreamWorks

A Redditor made the entire original Shrek movie their boot-up video on their Steam Deck in one of the most hilarious blunders in recent memory.

Shrek is one of the most beloved and iconic animated movies of all time. While it has grown a huge amount of fans, one person, in particular, may have taken their love of the movie a little bit too far.

A post on the Steam Deck subreddit has gone massively viral after one user made their boot-up video the entire Shrek movie, making it impossible to access the console without sitting through a 90-minute feature-length movie.

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Valve’s Steam Deck is a handheld gaming PC.

Steam Deck owner makes a Shrek-sized blunder

User thstephens8789 posted to the Steam Deck subreddit a video of a crucial error they made to their portable gaming console.

On the Steam Deck, owners can make many of changes to the console, one of the being what the boot-up video is. Some Deck owners have made theirs the iconic GameCube opening, while others have made it the original Xbox 360 boot-up animation.

Stephens, seemingly accidentally, made theirs the entirety of the first Shrek movie.

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“Help!! I’ve set my boot video to Shrek and now I can’t use my Steam Deck until it’s over!”

Users in the comment section hand an absolute field day with jokes and poking fun at Stephens error.

One redditor said, “Grab some popcorn and enjoy your foolish error. The real challenge will be if you can fix it in only one watch-through.”

Another added, “This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.”

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Hopefully, for Stephens sake, they can fix the error before rebooting the system and having to rewatch the DreamWorks movie all over again.

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