How to watch Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct: Stream, date & time

Brianna Reeves
splatoon 3 nintendo direct august 2022

Nintendo has scheduled a date for an all-new Direct stream, which will offer a deep dive into the eagerly-anticipated Splatoon 3.

The publisher revealed the third Splatoon game well over a year ago during its February 2021 Nintendo Direct.

A lengthy reveal trailer accompanied the news, showing off various customization options, a fish-like companion, and the return of ink-slinging action.

Other details about Splatoon 3 have hit the web piecemeal in the many months since its initial unveiling. But Nintendo plans on offering a full deep dive in just a matter of days, thanks to an upcoming Direct.

Date and time for the Splatoon 3-dedicated Nintendo Direct

Today, Nintendo of America announced plans to host a Splatoon 3 stream later this week on Wednesday, August 10.

The broadcast will go live at 6:00 AM PT/9:00 AM ET, according to a Twitter post from the publisher.

Nintendo didn’t specify what the Direct will feature, but viewers can look forward to approximately “30 minutes of updates” about the competitive shooter.

Hopefully, the broadcast sheds more light on the single-player campaign, cooperative mode, and gameplay enhancements.

Where to watch the Splatoon presentation

Nintendo has already scheduled the Splatoon 3 Direct on its official YouTube channels. American viewers will be able to tune in via this link come August 10.

Meanwhile, viewers based in Europe can expect to catch the forthcoming presentation here.

Now seems as good a time as any for Splatoon 3 to enter the spotlight once again. After all, the multiplayer title remains on track for its September 9 release date.