Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 reportedly “exceeding expectations,” gameplay reveal “soon”

Spider-Man 2 gameplay headerInsomniac Games

A new leak for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 suggests that the game is on track and players can expect to see gameplay for the sequel sometime “soon”.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the most anticipated games in development right now, coming as a sequel to the acclaimed PlayStation title. And it might just be better than anyone was expecting.

Industry insider Millie Amand — who has previously leaked multiple PlayStation games and updates — posted the scoop online, detailing how impressed Spider-Man 2 devs are with how the game is shaping up. 

Amand noted, according to a Marvel employee, the gameplay of Spider-Man 2 is “striking” and players can expect the sequel to build on the “fluidity” of its predecessor.

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From a visual standpoint, Amand’s leak also suggests the game’s graphics and visuals are nothing to be scoffed at, detailing how another employee “thought they were watching a cutscene” when normal gameplay footage was being shown.

While Sony are yet to confirm when they will be next showing off Spider-Man 2, rumors have been swirling for weeks that a PlayStation Showcase will be taking place at some point in September 2022. If this is true, it is likely that would be the place for the game to be shown off. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was first officially revealed at the PlayStation Showcase in 2021. The game will serve as a follow up to the popular Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales titles. While many details about the plot and narrative of the game are still up in the air, Insomniac have teased the introduction of Venom and the black suit.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man was released on PC just last month and has been a massive success. Videos of people modding the game have been circulating and going viral since release, with players even creating a mods that lets you swing through the city as Saul Goodman and many other notable characters.

The sequel will be a PS5 exclusive and is set to release some time in 2023. As well as this, Insomniac are also currently working on a seperate Wolverine game. However, that title will be released after Spider-Man 2.