Sony file new patent to improve cloud gaming with “multi-GPU” system

Sam Comrie
Playstation logo on blue background

PlayStation Plus subscribers could access improved streaming in the future, as Sony has filed a new patent to improve their streaming capabilities.

With the revitalized version of PlayStation Plus making it easier than ever to find new games, one element of the service has remained under scrutiny. Merging the library of PS Now into its tiers, PlayStation Plus subscribers can stream an array of titles, though the quality isn’t always up to Sony’s high standards.

As new developments occur behind the scenes, it appears Sony is aiming to improve their streaming functionality.

PlayStation Plus streaming to be aided by “multi-GPU” patent

Sony have been filing multiple patents in the last few months, as work to make the PS5 the ultimate Sony hub continues. In an attempt to increase streaming quality when playing PS3 titles for example, Game Rant have spotted a patent which would use multiple graphics cards to enrich the streaming experience.

The complex system would offload information received by the GPUs to a cloud system, where machine learning would then be used to organize the stream faster.

This in turn would make the response time for players far more agile, as opposed to seeing issues like buffering appear frequently.

An image of sony's playstation streaming patent
The PlayStation streaming patent showcases a method of relaying information faster.

PlayStation Plus has incorporated a legion of games that are mainly accessible via streaming-only. PS Now was often lambasted for its sacrifice of quality, with most titles struggling to hit higher resolutions despite players having suitable internet speeds.

This isn’t the only improvement Sony are working on either, as the notion of a “Helper Mode” is also in the works. This feature would supposedly make it easier for players having difficulty making it through harder game sections, as the mode would notify streamers to join and offer assistance where possible.