PlayStation says “digital collectible” rewards from PlayStation Stars are not NFTs

playstation starsSony

PlayStation unveiled a new loyalty program called PlayStation Stars and clarified that the digital rewards included for those who sign up won’t be NFTs.

PlayStation Stars was unveiled on July 14 as a new rewards program for dedicated PlayStation users.

At launch, the loyalty rewards program will offer players both rewards and loyalty points, which can then be exchanged for PS Wallet funds and more.

On top of that, PlayStation announced that “digital collectibles” would also be included in the program, leading many to wonder if Sony has plans to include gifting NFTs to users via the program.

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playstation starsSony
PlayStation Stars is coming sometime at the end of 2022.

PlayStation announces PlayStation Stars won’t have NFTs

After the digital collectibles were announced, PlayStation fans across social media searched for clarification about if the company would be dabbling in blockchain technology and offering NFTs as rewards for this new program.

Luckily for them, the speculation was shot down immediately.

In an interview with the Washington Post, vice president of network advertising Grace Chen clarified that no NFTs will be involved in the digital rewards.

“It’s definitely not NFTs. Definitely not. You can’t trade them or sell them. It is not leveraging any blockchain technologies and definitely not NFTs.”

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playstation grace chen quoteWashington Post

NFT integration into video games has been a polarizing topic, with many gamers providing pushback to developers who try to push the technology in their titles.

Instead of NFTs, the PlayStation team seems to have gone the old fashion route of simply giving their players digital rewards without any blockchain technology in the form of extremely rare 3D rendered characters and retro PlayStation consoles.

PlayStation Stars plans for a lunch date sometime towards the end of 2022.

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