Silent Hill looks so good on Unreal Engine 5 players want a sequel/another game

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silent hill remake fan video unreal engine 5

A fan-made Silent Hill remake video in Unreal Engine 5 showcases how exceptional the groundbreaking horror series could look with the help of modern technology. 

For the last couple of years, myriad rumors and supposed leaks have made the rounds online, all claiming Silent Hill will soon return in some capacity. The latest of such uncorroborated reports suggests publisher Konami plans to release no less than three Silent Hill-branded games in the coming years.

According to a recent VGC report, one title will come in the form of a Silent Hill 2 remake, complete with new endings, revamped AI, and updated puzzles. Leaker NateTheHate additionally claimed Konami has side stories and a mainline installment in the works.

With such talks continuing to spread like wildfire, it’s no wonder the more creative members of the community have taken it upon themselves to breathe new life into the horror franchise.

Silent Hill stuns in UE5

silent hill remake unreal engine 5 fan concept trailer
Silent Hill remake impresses in fan-made trailer.

YouTube channel TeaserPlay recently unleashed a Silent Hill remake “concept trailer,” which reimagines the series in Unreal Engine 5.

The 4K video constitutes an amalgam of several ideas, taking notes from entries such as the first two Silent Hill games and Shattered Memories.

Suffice it to say, TeaserPlay’s efforts serve as yet another example of why Silent Hill faithful remain so eager to see the property return. A full-blown title built from the ground up on a current-gen game engine could potentially result in the most atmospheric game in the franchise to date.

Silent Hill has lain dormant for approximately ten years, its last release, the ill-received Book of Memories, hitting store shelves for the PS Vita in 2012. The brand seemed primed for a return at the start of the eighth console generation, thanks to the Hideo Kojima-helmed P.T./Silent Hills.

However, a falling out with Kojima culminated in Konami shelving the project. But if recent rumors and speculation prove accurate, a much-coveted Silent Hill remake may eventually see the light of day.

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