Shroud explains why he prefers Apex Legends over Warzone

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Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is one of the world’s most popular gamers and Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the world’s most popular battle royale games, but the FPS maestro thinks Apex Legends is a more enjoyable title.

Shroud has played practically every FPS out there and absolutely fragged out in most, if not all of them. But, at a time when CoD’s Warzone is the biggest battle royale on the market, the celebrated streamer explained why it’s not really his cup of tea.

Although Shroud prefers more tactical shooters like Valorant and the lesser-known Squad, he did express that, among battle royales, he prefers Apex Legends over Warzone. This explains why he so rarely participates in the CoD title’s big-money tournaments, instead opting to run around and gun people down in Respawn Entertainment’s ability-based BR.

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It’s an interesting subject and one that merits discussion, as both games have massive audiences, including some overlap between the two. Ultimately, the streamer revealed that he finds Warzone to be fun on occasion, but more appropriately suited to casual players — a group he is most certainly skews away from.

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After talking about FPS titles, Shroud’s chat told him he should try out matches of Modern Warfare’s Search and Destroy, a more tactical version of the base multiplayer modes and Warzone. In response to being told it was “fun as heck,” the streamer quickly laughed and responded, “no, it’s not.” 

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“Warzone isn’t really my style, you know?” he said. “While it is fun from time to time … it’s not particularly my fancy. I don’t fancy it. I fancy games like CS, Valorant, Apex — games that take some skill.”

Although Shroud understands the hype around Warzone and why it is so much more popular than Apex Legends, his subjective lens finds the Respawn Entertainment shooter a more enjoyable experience.

Apex Legends Shroud TrickRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends just added a new hero, Horizon, adding more complexity to the game.

He elaborated that Warzone is under the Call of Duty umbrella, so it obviously has more fans than a new IP like Apex, before going into what he thinks of the games’ differing difficulty levels: “Warzone is a lot more casual than Apex. Apex is a little bit harder, right? The more hardcore games, the more challenging games are usually, usually, going to get less attention.”

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If Shroud likes games for tactical reasons, then it would be understandable that he would find Apex’s range of abilities to add another layer of complexity as far as team synergy and counterplay goes.

Although he doesn’t specify what he thinks makes the game harder, the perspective is intriguing and offers a solid reason why the FPS guru isn’t as involved with Warzone as many would expect him to be.