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Shroud reveals insane Horizon trick to trap your opponents in Apex Legends

Published: 7/Nov/2020 6:57

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Shroud’s skills often push games to their limits, and in his latest stream, he revealed an insane trick with Horizon from Apex Legends where he used Gravity Lift to trap his opponents.

Apex Legends Season 7 is officially underway, and players from all around the world have been getting stuck into the grind. The new season introduced plenty of changes and new content, but the most exciting one has been a new legend, Horizon. 

Other than looking like an awesome futuristic astronaut, she boasts some incredible abilities that all tie into her astrophysicist theme. Gravity Lift, Space Walk, and Black Hole are all useful in different situations.


Players have been experimenting with them to test the waters and see what they can do on the battleground. However, nobody has done it better than FPS god Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek.

Apex Legends Shroud Trick
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon is the latest addition in the Apex Legends roster.

In his latest stream, Shroud was playing Horizon and decided to get a bit creative in a long-ranged battle against the last remaining team. 

The enemies were a bit too far for him to throw a Black Hole. However, while most people would have either thrown it or not thrown it at all, he improvised by throwing a Gravity Lift first and using it to boost the distance of the Black Hole.


If that wasn’t impressive enough, he also lobbed a flurry of Arc Stars into the mix and cracked their shields moments before the Black Hole landed next to them. Before they had a chance to comprehend what happened, his team cleaned them up and secured the win.

Funnily enough, Shroud was as surprised as anyone else that he managed to pull it off. “Bro, what the f**k is that?” he said. “I threw my Black Hole through my anti-grav and it just went flying.”

It’s one of the many tricks and big plays Shroud has made in his time, but it is one of his most impressive and effective ones in Apex Legends.


It’s also something that Apex players will be sure to try and emulate, although it might be a little harder to pull off than it seems.

Either way, the new season is an absolute blast, and players are having tons of fun exploring the new map, the new character, and all the other bits and pieces.