Resident Evil 8 plot details revealed with big plans for Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 8 plot details revealed with big plans for Chris Redfield

Published: 19/Nov/2020 12:40 Updated: 26/Apr/2021 16:41

by Andrew Highton


Resident Evil Village has already had some chilling trailers and terrifying gameplay footage, but a Resident Evil 8 screenshot featuring Chris Redfield has potentially revealed some shocking new plot details. 

An absolute icon in the world of horror, survival-horror, action-horror, and a multitude of other sub-genres – Resident Evil is a universally known franchise that spans over 20 years and has produced some great games.

But is the series about to throw a huge spanner in the works with regards to one of its characters? If so, it may alter the lore of the game’s forever.

New Resident Evil 8 teaser

Resident Evil hasn’t ever really been known for its excellence in storytelling. Hammy dialogue and questionable cut-scenes have always stunted any real growth in the long-running story, but Resident Evil 7 took the series back to its roots by providing a proper horror/story experience.


That could be all about to change, though. A screenshot taken from the official Resident Evil Village Steam database shows that one of the most famous/popular characters from the game could be about to have a drastic personality change.

It appears to be an updated logo from the upcoming game, but the intention is clear with it.

chris redfield resi 8
The latest teaser is so small, it’s quite grainy but shows those key, lore-changing details.

Is the legendary soldier – Chris Redfield – about to finally become the enemy? After all the trials and tribulations that Chris has overcome and his many tussles with Wesker, Chris may undo all his good work. Does he become a werewolf or some other biological monstrosity?


Resident Evil 8 trailer

When the game was first shown off at the PS5 reveal, it was perceived that Chris was potentially now a bad guy.

The reveal trailer ends with Ethan prone on the floor being stared at by Chris wielding a gun. He utters: “Sorry Ethan”, before unloading several bullets into Mia – killing Ethan’s wife before his eyes. Knowing Capcom, the trailer, and this potentially leaked image, are just a ruse, and something deeper lies beneath. We’ll have to wait and see.