Pokemon Go player finds “Gigantamax” Cubchoo defending a Gym

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Cubchoo

A Pokemon Go player has discovered an odd glitch that turns tiny Cubchoo into a terrifying behemoth. The glitch comes alongside many graphical errors happening in the mobile app.

A Pokemon Go player has encountered another odd glitch while exploring Gyms and PokeStops in their area. The mobile app has provided fans with plenty of strange mixups and mishaps over the past few years, scrambling Pokemon textures, distorting Team Go Rocket Grunts, and offering unsettling model mashes that make certain species unrecognizable.

While most of these glitches and bugs are harmless and can be reset by restarting the app, a few have taken Pokemon Go players by surprise. This has included a visual glitch that disturbed the appearances of team leaders after a clothing update in 2023.

Now, a trainer has stumbled across a glitch that seems reminiscent of the Sword & Shield video games, with a Gym defender’s model blown up to epic proportions.

Pokemon Go player prepares to challenge enormous Cubchoo

In a Reddit post by HollyHeartSun, the player shares an image that many might need to take a moment to process.

At first, Pokemon Go trainers can see the main Gym defenders standing ready to take on their opponent. However, with a second look, players can see the top of an enormous Cubchoo head popping up through the arena floor.

Fans in the comments are just as startled, with one stating, “Dynamax Cubchoo” and another adding, “It’s HUGE!

The player goes on to explain that a Cubchoo Raid was happening and the visual glitched. The Ice-type isn’t a defender for the Gym, just an unfortunate, supersized spawn with its head stuck in the stop.

Despite the unsettling visual, bumping into such a surprise when preparing to challenge a Gym can offer a good laugh, and make for a funny memory to share with other Pokemon Go fans during events or Community Days.

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