Pokemon Go player says Team Go Rocket Grunt is “too much” after steamy encounter

Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket Grunt EmbraceNiantic

A Pokemon Go player has had a particularly “close” encounter with a Team Go Rocket grunt, with the character’s avatar finding themself in the nefarious antagonist’s embrace.

Pokemon Go is known for a variety of visual glitches or situationally awkward model overlaps. Players have found Pokemon in the wild that have the colorations of a different species, watched the Team Leaders twist into terrifying nightmares after updates to their appearances, and often find Pokemon spawned on top of each other in awkward positions while exploring the mobile game’s map.

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These glitches and spawns can provide a good deal of amusement – and confusion – for players enjoying Pokemon Go. This is especially true when involves Buddy Pokemon or even the trainer’s own avatar.

One Pokemon Go fan has experienced this firsthand, putting their character in a shockingly steamy position after bumping into a Team Go Rocket Grunt outside of a local PokeStop.

Pokemon Go’s Team Go Rocket Grunt gets up close and personal

In a Twitter post shared by Shinybaobao, the player show’s an image of their avatar with a Team Go Rocket grunt. However, instead of preparing for an intense battle, the Grunt seems to be drawing the player’s avatar into a steamy hug.

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Baobao comments above the Pokemon Go picture, stating, “We just met… That’s too much for me. I know nothing about you, I don’t even know your name. Mr. Ro**** Gr*** ?”

Fans find the situation hilarious, with one commenting, “But he’s your soulmate” and another adds “A PoGo love story”. Baobao responds, saying “They are everywhere I don’t need that many lovers. One true love is enough.”

While the spicy Pokemon Go moment is caused by the player character walking too close to the Grunt, the accidental tender embrace is still one that is particularly funny – even if the pairing is never meant to be.

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