Phil Spencer “excited” to work with Blizzard to bring StarCraft to Xbox

starcraft 2 on xboxBlizzard

Microsoft Head of Gaming Phil Spencer can’t wait to talk to Blizzard about the future of the StarCraft franchise on Xbox.

It wasn’t that long ago that StarCraft was the world’s top esport with fans around the world glued to their screens to watch pros compete in Blizzard’s competitive RTS.

While StarCraft hasn’t seen a resurgence per se, there has always been potential to expand out of the real-time strategy genre, such as with the infamously canceled StarCraft: Ghost.

Now, with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, Phil Spencer is eyeing a potential return of the popular series.

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Phil Spencer wants to talk to Blizzard about StarCraft

Speaking with Wired, the Microsoft Gaming boss was asked about any plans for the dormant RTS and Phil expressed his desire to talk to Blizzard about the series.

Despite making it clear that he can’t make decisions for Blizzard just yet, he expressed a desire to speak to the developers about StarCraft’s future.

Starcraft 2 gameBlizzard Entertainment
StarCraft could make a big return with the Microsoft purchase.

“Not only StarCraft, but WarCraft, when you think about the heritage of RTS games that we’re talking about here, specifically from Blizzard. And I don’t have any concrete plans today because I can’t really get in and work with the teams,” he explained.

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“StarCraft was a seminal moment in gaming, right? From an esports perspective, from RTS on console perspective, and from just an RTS storytelling perspective in the genre.”

Spencer went on to say he can’t wait to talk about Blizzard’s back catalog and the opportunities that could arise from the acquisition, calling the prospect of doing something with them “exciting.”

Even though this doesn’t guarantee a new StarCraft game will be making its way to Xbox or PC, the fact that Spencer seems so invested is a good sign for anyone wanting more space opera action in the future.

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