Overwatch fans discover you can earn other heroes’ achievements as Echo

Theo Salaun. Last updated: Nov 29, 2020
echo overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment

Months after Echo was released into the world of Overwatch, more players are beginning to discover that you can earn other heroes’ achievements using her shape-shifting ultimate ability.

When Echo launched as a playable character in April 2020, the Overwatch community was as excited as it was intrigued by her potential. Not only could the evolutionary take flight and blend both hitscan and projectile abilities, she could also use her “Duplicate” ultimate to become any enemy player’s hero for a short period of time.

The opportunities appeared endless and, by all means, they are. First, everyone struggled to master her unique flying style, which feels markedly different from Pharah’s jet-powered flight. Then, within weeks, she powered a return to an amplified “moth” meta and surged into the Overwatch League’s limelight. 

Now, Echo’s potential continues to be realized, as some fans are just now discovering that players can successfully use her ultimate to unlock achievements for other heroes. As shown in a clip shared on Reddit, this can be very useful for trophy collectors.

Many of Overwatch’s achievements can be hard to unlock and require unique circumstances. For Junkrat’s “Roadkill” achievement, you need to kill four enemies with one RIP-Tire. This requires that four of the six opponents are grouped together when you’re nearby enough to capitalize.

In the clip shared by ‘fielus’ on Reddit, they’re able to fly above the enemy team, duplicate a Junkrat, and quickly secure five kills — including four with a RIP-Tire. Without even realizing they could get his achievement by doing so, they easily secured it.

Echo using Focusing Beam
Blizzard Entertainment
Echo has a lot of tools to be a pain for enemy teams…and then she can transform into one of them.

It takes Echo 1.35 seconds to transform into an enemy hero she has chosen and then she is able to play as that hero for 15 seconds (or until her health runs out). Additionally, Echo is able to build her duplicated hero’s ultimate 6.5 times faster than normal while transformed.

All of these factors combine with Echo’s flight to make her a fantastic candidate for players who want to unlock achievements. Using the Junkrat example, fielus was able to drop onto enemies from the skies as Junkrat, charge the ultimate almost instantaneously, and hit a big bang for an easy achievement.