Overwatch players call for McCree nerfs in next Experimental patch

Blizzard Entertainment

McCree has had the luxury of having a series of Overwatch buffs in recent months, leading to a high pickrate in the Overwatch League and in ranked play. Now, his success has players thinking he is overtuned and want him nerfed in the next Experimental patch.

When it comes to damage and durability, McCree has the best of both worlds. His Peacekeeper revolver can be lethal at medium range and thanks to its Fan the Hammer mechanic, he can obliterate enemies at super close range.

Plus, his Flashbang is a great tool to shut down flankers and combos into FTH, making him a menace against tanks.

The cowboy hero was also one of the characters to have his HP modified by a new increment of 25 a few months back, making him more durable against certain attacks, including Doomfist’s Rocket Punch.

If this all wasn’t enough, McCree’s roll automatically reloads his gun, proving even more ways to rip apart foes with the Fan the Hammer alternate fire.

On Reddit, players are calling for one of his more recent buffs to be reverted and there are a lot of ways to approach balancing the hero.

“He’s not super-busted but very versatile right now with the amount of buffs he got, such as +25 Base HP, +20% Roll Distance and +20% Reload Speed,” Redditor Drunken_Queen wrote. “I think I will go for a small step by reverting one of the buffs and I will suggest either reverting his HP OR his reload speed.”

Players remarked on how the hero shouldn’t be a tank buster in the slightest. “Why is he more dangerous to tanks than Reaper? Nerf Flashbang range/stun and/or give FTH a cooldown,” suggested another.

“How about you nerf flashbang instead. Shorter radius would be nice to make it more of a skill/predication shot,” another recommended.

“They should either make flash more difficult to land OR revert the 225 hp buff and he’ll be fine I think,” someone else pondered.

It will be interesting to see how Blizzard goes about balancing McCree given his current state of being just overpowered enough to warrant a slight nerf. We’ll have to wait and see, but at least there are many options on the table.