Only Up speedrun records: Fastest completion, Any% glitchless, unrestricted, more

Jeremy Gan
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Only Up speedrunning is already off to a quick start just one month into the game’s release, as speedrunners beat the challenging platformer at breakneck paces. Here is a current look at the latest Only Up speedrun records. 

Inspired by Bennett Foddy’s ever-challenging Getting Over It, Only Up has seen a surge of interest in the platform climbing game as many of the internet’s most popular streamers join the fun.

Despite being an incredibly challenging game, which will most likely see you fall all the way down again and again, titles like Only Up never seem to stop the speedrunning community from putting their best, or fastest, foot forward.

So here is all you need to know about the current world record holders of Only Up speedruns. 

Only Up speedrun categories

There are mainly three types of Only Up speedruns, Any%, Bedless, and All Collectibles. Any% is the most popular one, with two categories found under this label, glitchless and unrestricted. 

In bedless, there are two categories, unrestricted and No Major Skips. We will be mainly covering the Any% category of Only Up speedruns. 

Only Up speedrun records

Below are all the latest Only Up speedrun records for both Any% Glitchless and Unrestricted: 

Only Up Any% Glitchless

15 minutes 44 secondsQEIYO24/07/2023
15 minutes 56 secondsFeiJiWen22/07/2023
15 minutes 59 secondsIatyy22/07/2023
16 minutes 1 secondSecreZ22/07/2023
16 minutes 8 secondsKuangNiaoErDan20/07/2023

Only Up Any% Unrestricted

4 seconds 283 millisecondsmoistsocks10/07/2023
6 seconds 117 millisecondsSimplySelic20/07/2023
6 seconds 383 millisecondschichis_1mms16/07/2023
6 seconds 467 millisecondsSlew21/07/2023
6 seconds 933 millisecondsdabub10/07/2023

Only Up Any% Glitchless

Currently, QEIYO holds the world record for the Any% Glitchless run, at 15 minutes and 44 seconds. This time is significantly faster by a few seconds from the second-place runner, FeiJiWen. 

Many of the strats for the Glitchless speedrun came from Distortion2, who is a widely known speedrunner who has broken records in games Elden Ring and Seikiro. His fastest run was 16 minutes and 58 seconds, which should give you an idea of just how optimized Only Up’s speedruns have become.

Only Up Any% Unrestricted

Then we have the Any% speedruns, which, as the name implies, is unrestricted, allowing players to use whatever method they would like to use to complete the game. Glitches and all. 

Currently, the world record for the Any% Unrestricted speedrun is moistsocks at 4 seconds and 283 milliseconds.

To give you context of how much this category has evolved, a Kick streamer beat the game in 33 seconds, which was the world record for a time. However, the start for the category has evolved in that using a glitch, you can fly into the air upon spawning and finish the game within five seconds.

However, as Only Up gains more popularity, there is no doubt that the world record will change hands as more players attempt to finish the game in as little time as possible. So check back here for updates when it is beaten once again. 

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