No Man’s Sky Expedition 10 update brings long-awaited customization

Samantha Giambra
Screenshot from the No Man's Sky Expedition 10 trailer

The No Man’s Sky Expedition 10 update is now live and it brings some of the biggest customization changes in a good while.

Titled Singularity, the 10th expedition takes adventurers on a journey through a narrative-heavy story that ties into the previous chapter, Interceptor.

Though the devs didn’t want to spoil too much upfront, we do know that players will begin to uncover the mysteries that lie within the harmonic camps.

As Travellers make their way through these camps, they will find out how corruption has made its way to the universe and even uncover what it means to be alive.

No Man’s Sky Expedition 10 Singularity release details

Rather than throwing massive amounts of content into the game, this update brings a laser-focused storyline that gives the community goals and objectives that unlock cosmetic items and lore.

In a recent tweet, players get a play-by-play on exactly what to expect from the new content, such as assembling a construct of their own and even finding it a brain!

The rewards that come with No Man’s Sky Expedition 10 are also noteworthy, as the Construct Customization Set is the first full customization set to come to the game in several years.

To unlock the entire set, players must find each piece and part to assemble it during their quest.

There is even a choice to be made during the Singularity narrative that will decide whether players receive the Atlantid or Crimson head for their automation suit.

How do fans of the franchise feel about this update so far? One Traveller went as far as to say “At this point i honestly feel bad getting these updates for free.”

The update easily showcases one of the largest expeditions to ever come to the game and also brings a few stability changes across all platforms.

Now that Mac users are able to join in on the fun, there could be more Travellers now than ever before.

No Man’s Sky Expedition 10 will only last for 5 weeks, so anyone who wants that full Construct Customization should make haste!

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