No Man’s Sky Endurance update: Freighter bases, Polestar expedition, & more

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Hello Games released No Man’s Sky’s 20th update called Endurance, which overhauls tons of systems like freighter bases and base building while adding new content like the Polestar expedition.

Despite No Man’s Sky’s rocky release back in 2016, the game has come quite a long way since then.

Meaningful updates to the game added major elements like a robust multiplayer, base building, and VR support have all bolstered No Man’s Sky to success seven years later.

Now, Hello Games has released its 20th update for No Man’s Sky called Endurance, which overhauls key systems like freighter bases, base building, and so much more. Here’s everything players can expect from No Man’s Sky’s Endurance update:


No Man’s Sky Endurance update release date

Players can download the No Man’s Sky Endurance update for free starting on July 20, 2022.

The file size for the Endurance update is quite large considering everything it changes, with PC players receiving an 8.6 GB patch.

Freighter and fleets overhaul

The biggest thing players can expect in the Endurance update is an overhaul to No Man’s Sky’s freighters.

For the uninitiated, freighters are massive ships players can purchase that essentially act as mobile bases and cargo transports for players traveling across the cosmos.

The Endurance update allows players to expand and customize their freighters further than ever before, with a new selection of pre-decorated rooms and further customization elements like new decorations.

no man's sky freighter hallway vegetation
Freighter customization has been overhauled completely, with players allowed much more freedom in creating their mobile bases.

Additionally, freighters now bustle with a dynamic crew, which walk around the base on their own and can be interacted with at will.

Players can also customize the interior and exterior layouts of their freighters with observation decks, catwalks, glass corridors, and even dedicated freighter farms with specialized cultivation chambers.

New Polestar expedition

The Endurance update also adds the new Polestar expedition, where players will “embark on an interstellar cruise” to repair a freighter’s unique technology and uncover the mystery of its past.

no mans sky endurance update polestar expedition screenshot
A screenshot showcasing No Man’s Sky’s organic frigates floating in space.

According to the official blog post, players who complete the quest will be able to “journey across the galaxy” at the freighter’s helm suggesting players will be able to keep it for themselves at the end of the expedition.

Base building updates

The Endurance update also brings plenty of quality of life changes to base building, which is one of the most important early-game aspects of No Man’s Sky.

These changes allow visual variants of base parts to be placed manually, and existing base parts can now be directly replaced without deleting, and toggling between snapping and collision checks when building.

The base-building aspect of No Man’s Sky was already incredibly deep, but the Endurance update allows players even more freedom when creating their ideal homes.

Updates to space exploration and more

no mans sky endurance update black hole
No Man’s Sky’s Endurance update improves the visual fidelity of things like black holes and asteroid fields.

Finally, Hello Games revealed a plethora of visual fidelity changes were coming in the Endurance update, with things like black holes and asteroid fields getting visual overhauls.

Additionally, the visual quality of objects like planetary flora in the far distance has been considerably improved.

The Endurance update adds a lot to No Man’s Sky, so those interested in reading the full patch notes should check out the in-depth rundown here.

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