Starfield players call for simple customization option on Starborn Guardian ship

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Starfield players have called for new features to be added to one of the biggest rewards for beating the game, saying that the Starborn Guardian ship needs more customization options.

Starfield launched in 2023 to great acclaim, and although the Bethesda RPG might not have been everything Microsoft was hoping for, it’s been a massive success among long-term fans of Bethesda’s massive worlds.

One of the biggest parts of any Starfield playthrough is the ship you’re flying around in. It’s a space exploration game- obviously, the spacecraft you’re exploring the galaxy with is going to play a massive role in your quest, and in recognition of that, Bethesda created a widely-praised shipbuilding system that lets you customize your rockets with a massive amount of freedom.

Do you want a detailed replica of one of Starcraft’s most iconic vessels? That’s possible. Do you want to fly around in a hamburger? We’re not sure why you’d want to, but that’s possible as well.

Starfield player wishes for customization on New Game + rewards

However, there’s one ship that can’t be altered in the same way as all the rest, leading some players to call for an update to it.

The Starborn Guardian ship is your reward for beating the game and starting a new playthrough with NG+. It’s a recognition of your skill, as well as an in-world sign of your elevation to one of the Starborn, after you pass through the Unity.

But as cool as the ship looks, it doesn’t take advantage of one of the best parts of Starfield- the ship customization, which led many players to wonder if that could be added in for a future update.

One player on the Starfield subreddit asked: “Will we get official support in the future that allows us to customize our Starborn ships? I’d even just be happier with a bed or captain’s quarters.”

However, some players wanted to get rid of the whole thing, with the top comment reading: “I just wanna be able to sell mine to make room for a ship I want.”

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