Niantic trolls Pokemon Go players wanting Kecleon in The Bug Out event

Alan Bernal

Pokemon Go players feel like they got trolled after Niantic teased a “certain unknown Pokemon” for the Bug Out event – and it wasn’t Kecleon.

With the Summer of Go nearing its end, Niantic are giving players a few more opportunities for hard-to-come-by ‘mons while paving the way for completely new encounters, like Mega Scizor Raids and Vikavolt.

A bug-centric celebration is about to go off in Pokemon Go, and it’s reminded some players that we still haven’t gotten Kecleon after years of people wanting him in the game.

Admittedly, while Kecleon isn’t a bug-type, Niantic’s latest public post had some people fooled for a minute that it was finally coming in PoGo – but that’s not the case.

Kecleon in Pokemon Go?

On August 8, Niantic had a bit of fun when reminding trainers of the Bug Out prizes and which creatures they would soon be able to encounter across the globe.

“Pansage and a certain unknown Pokemon will be appearing globally in the wild and in raids during Ultra Unlock: Bug Out!” they said.

That bit about the “unknown Pokemon” immediately threw trainers for a loop who thought it was meant to usher in the Color Changing Pokemon’s long-awaited entry to the AR title.

Unfortunately, a closer look at the post immediately shows what the devs were talking about in the first place with a brand new ‘Unown’ Pokemon variation ‘T’ coming to PoGo.

Niantic has said before that they want to release Kecleon at some point in the future, but are holding out for a proper introduction to the world of augmented reality.

“Kecleon has unique properties in the main series games, abilities that no other Pokémon shares so we want to make sure we do right by its original design when incorporating it into augmented reality,” Pokémon Go’s Director of Global Product Marketing Michael Steranka told TRG.

So it still might be a while until we get Kecleon in Pokemon Go, but at least the dev team has the elusive ‘mon on their radar.