Pokemon Go fans “convinced” Kecleon is never coming to the game

pokemon go kecleon missing header imageThe Pokemon Company / Niantic

Trainers are still wondering why Generation 3’s camouflaging Kecleon still isn’t in Pokemon Go after an unreleased Pokemon list gained traction online.

Pokemon Go has an abundance of Pokemon included in the game six years after its release.

However, while Niantic has released all of Generation 1 and 2, and most non-Legendary Pokemon in Generations 3 through 6, one Pokemon’s absence stands out.

Now after a list of unreleased Pokemon in Pokemon Go gained traction on Reddit, fans are all but convinced Generation 3’s Kecleon is simply never coming to the mobile game.

Pokemon Go fans believe Kecleon is never coming

The list mentioned above comes from Reddit user lmartins06 who made a post on TheSilphRoad subreddit showing every unreleased Pokemon in Pokemon Go up to Gen 6.

The list shows a variety of Mythical Pokemon, Pokemon with multiple forms, and Pokemon with regional variants, but the clear odd-one-out is Gen 3’s sole exclusion: Kecleon.

Others also picked up on this exclusion, considering players have speculated about Kecleon’s arrival ever since Gen 3 Pokemon arrived in Pokemon Go as early as 2017.

“But seriously what the hell is going on with Kecleon?” asked user jfleck13.

Others replied to jfleck13’s comments with similar confusion, like NervousLittleSheep who said, “there have been so many opportunities to release Kecleon, but they keep opting for Ditto instead.”

On the other hand, some trainers have simply given up hope that the camouflaging chameleon Pokemon is ever making it into the game.

“I’m convinced Kecleon is locked in a dungeon somewhere and Niantic will never let us have it,” said user hotterpocketzz.

Additionally, some made jokes about Kecleon’s strange absence, such as B133d_4u_ who joked that “Kecleon is already in the game, we just can’t see them without the special goggles,” as a reference to Kecleon’s appearance in Hoenn’s Fortree City.

Though Niantic claimed last year a “special release” for Kecleon was coming soon, this special release still hasn’t come to fruition.

For now, fans can only wonder what exactly is holding Kecleon back from joining the rest of Generation 3’s Pokedex in Pokemon Go.