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News chopper catches someone playing Mario Kart on stadium jumbotron

Published: 9/Jan/2019 12:55

by Calum Patterson


A local news chopper in Kansas was shocked to discover someone playing a casual game of Mario Kart on the massive video board in the Kansas City Royals’ stadium.

A reporter for KCTV5, Tom Martin, posted the clip on Twitter, which had been captured from one of their helicopters, heading out for aerial shots of another stadium.


As they flew past, they couldn’t help but notice the Mario Kart action going down on the big screen – certainly not the typical gaming experience.


Being played on the ‘Crown Vision’ board at the Kauffman stadium, it turned out the sighting was part of a charity event –  not just a technician who had got a bit bored.

Initially, some commenters thought it could have been a member of staff, perhaps security or maintenance, who had decided to have a cheeky game.



However, The Royals, seeing the viral tweet about the unorthodox use of their grounds, explained that it was part of a fundraiser to kick off the new year.


It’s currently the off-season in the MLB, meaning teams have some downtime for their stadium usage.

Some commenters pointed out that the massive screen probably wasn’t the best for gaming, considering there was likely a considerable input lag, and the aspect ratio cut off most of the side of the screen.

It isn’t the first time that games have been played on stadium jumbotrons either. In May 2018, the Milwaukee Brewers got in on the Fortnite mayhem by playing it in their stadium, and other sports teams followed their example.