New PS5 “leak” claims to show UI and black controller – but is it real?

Brent Koepp
ps5 console

[jwplayer FcWdjVVq]A new “leak” claims to be the first look at the PlayStation 5’s user interface. The supposed images also claim to show the DualSense controller in a black variant. But are the PS5 images even real?

The PS5 is is set to hit stores on November 12. Despite being only weeks away, there is still a lot we don’t know about the next-gen console – including what its user interface will look like.

On October 2, a leaker on Reddit claimed to have new photos of the log-in screen from the UI, as well as a black DualSense controller. The pictures have kicked off a wave of speculation as to whether they are even real.

ps4 ui
When will see the PS5 UI?

Leaker claims to show PS5 UI

It should be stated to take all of this with a massive grain of salt. But the “leak” first appeared on the popular gaming forum ResetEra after a tweet was posted that allegedly showed a user holding a black DualSense controller.

Interestingly, the stranger also is seen holding the device under a TV that shows a black login screen. The image is not the PS4, which led users to think that it could be our first glimpse at the PS5’s user interface.

Of course, there is no source, and anyone can fake an image using Photoshop. However, the image quickly kicked off speculation as to whether this was just an elaborate troll.

PS5 tweet
The image soon circled online as excited players shared their hype.

While the colors of this controller certainly look awful, forum users were quick to point out that a prototype of a black DualSense leaked back in August, and the one featured in this image actually matches up with its dimensions.

The image in the tweet originated from a Redditor named Zelser on the r/Playstation subreddit. The leaker claimed to have the PS5 in their possession, and posted a photo of what they claim is the PS5 being opened up.

supposed PS5 shell
The Reddit leaker claimed to have taken off the PS5’s outer shell.

That isn’t the only thing that the user shared – they also took a photo of what is supposedly the stand for the next-gen Sony console. While it’s unclear if any of these are legit, the photo of the stand attached to the device has never been seen before.

supposed PS5 stand
The Redditor also claimed to have a picture of the PS5’s stand.

While the user would not confirms how they supposedly got their hands on the console, they uploaded another photo of what they claim is the user interface after players continued to ask for more proof.

supposed PS5 menu
Another photo shows what could be the PS5 UI – though blurry images usually = fake images.

At the time of writing, it has not been confirmed whether any of these images are real. However, as we stated above, take this with a massive grain of salt. Unless there is more proof, this could easily be faked.

Still, with PS5 so close to its release, it’s kind of mind blowing that we still have no clue what its UI looks like. However, we will see whether the leaks are real in the next coming days as Sony is letting Japanese YouTubers get their hands on the console on October 4.