MultiVersus wants over $250 to acquire all cosmetics

jake the dog expression in multiversusWarner Bros.

Players wanting to own all of MultiVersus’ cosmetic items from day one will have to cough up over $250 to acquire enough of its in-game Gleamium currency.

One of the hottest new fighting games in 2022 is MultiVersus, a game very much inspired by the platform-fighting style of Super Smash Bros.

Similar to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, MultiVersus features an array of fighters under a licensed banner, in this case, Warner Bros.

This means you can have an unlikely duel between Batman and Tom & Jerry, but if you’re looking to kit everyone out in the game’s full array of outfits, then it will set you back a decent bit of money.

MultiVersus cosmetics to cost over $250

With the game’s Open Beta set to go live on July 26, 2022, the hype for the new free-to-play brawler is building day by day with players excited to get stuck into some battles we never thought possible.

But, the game has already received some flak regarding the prices of its microtransactions with the full list of its Founder’s Pack prices becoming public knowledge.

Now, calculations have been carried out to see how much real money it would roughly cost to unlock everything straight away, and whilst it isn’t as bad as other games in the past, it still might be a bit much.

harley quinn hugging taz in multiversus

The game’s paid currency is called Gleamium and many cosmetics can only be obtained by buying and spending it.

Many of the game’s characters and items can actually be unlocked using Coins, a non-paid currency obtained during the course of normal play.

But if you want to buy all the available items ASAP using Gleamium, you’ll be looking at over $250 as VGC found when breaking down the game’s cosmetics and prices.

As a money-saver, it costs 30,000 Gleamium to unlock everything, consisting of five bundles of 6,000 Gleamium – costing $49.99 each. Some extra cosmetics are only available through the Battle Pass, which costs a further 300 Gleamium – another $4.99.

This type of monetization should hardly be surprising, but this will obviously only be the start as more content is added in periodically throughout its lifetime.