MultiVersus players worried broken hitboxes could kill the game

Lawrence Scotti
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MultiVersus players have had enough of the game’s broken hitboxes, with some threatening to quit the game already after only launching just one month ago.

Warner Bros Games hit the jackpot when they released MultiVersus, their crossover platform fighter that was positioned as the company’s answer to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise.

The game has already toppled giants like Elden Ring in terms of profit and has taken over Twitch as one of the new premier fighting games.

Despite the quick and massive success, many players have complained and grown frustrated with the game’s broken hitboxes, leading them to stop playing it altogether.

MultiVersus players irate with Morty’s hitboxes

MultiVersus cover art
MultiVersus has already shot to the top of the charts in its first month on the market.

Reddit user ThunderTRP went viral after posting a video of Morty’s down-air not connecting with opponents correctly. Despite the animation crossing the Shaggy’s body, the move does not connect properly.

In fighting games, it’s crucial that hitboxes be as clear and responsive as possible. In MultiVersus, there seems to be plenty of characters that have broken and misleading hitboxes, like Finn, which players have pointed to as a serious offender.

Thunder said, “It wasn’t you all this time, it was the hitbox – please upvote for devs to see and fix it.”

In the comment section, users lambasted Morty’s hitboxes and one said, “Morty has such a fun kit but I really struggle to confirm kills and the hitbox of his down-air is one of the biggest contributors to that.”

Another claimed they’ve quit playing the game entirely due to hitbox issues. One MultiVersus player said, “This kind of inconsistency is what’s going to make people quit the game. When you can’t trust what the game is showing you, it kills the fun.”

Another replied, “I’ve already quit playing and I won’t be coming back until this kind of shit is resolved. It’s pervasive throughout the entire game, not just Morty.”

Although MultiVersus continues to be one of the most popular fighters on the market, fans of the game are begging the devs to provide fixes to the basic mechanics of the game.

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