MultiVersus finally topples Elden Ring as highest-grossing game in July

MultiVersus cinematicWB Games

In light of a hugely successful Open Beta that’s seen millions flock to the free-to-play fighting game, MultiVersus has made a statement with its first month on the market, dethroning Elden Ring to become the highest-grossing game of July.

Despite still being in its Open Beta phase, Warner Bros. collective fighting gaming MultiVersus has already been met with both critical acclaim and immense popularity. With a peak concurrent player count of more than 150,000 on PC alone, the title has already recorded over 10 million unique accounts just weeks after opening the floodgates.

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Through its frequent balance updates, new seasonal content, along with teasers of many iconic characters on the way, much of the fighting game community has been hooked.

Now, the latest NPD data, as first highlighted by NME, has revealed MultiVersus is raking in big bucks even with its free entry. In just a few days it quickly soared to July’s highest-grossing game, clearing Elden Ring on its ascent.

MultiVersus cover artWB Games
MultiVersus has already shot to the top of the charts in its first month on the market.

As a F2P game with no barrier for entry, MultiVersus makes its money through microtransactions. Namely, players currently have access to “Founder’s Packs” at three distinct tiers.

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The standard, Deluxe, and Premium bundles come with all manner of in-game rewards. From Character Tickets to advance various fighters, unique animations, and even Battle Pass unlocks for the next few seasons, these packs have largely been the key to its rapid revenue growth.

Given Elden Ring’s extraordinary success, having sold over 16.6 million copies to date, making it one of the best-selling titles of all time, MultiVersus snatching the top spot in July is no small feat.

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While there’s no telling as to the specific figure, the fighting game topped the joint retail and digital charts for the month. Meaning it performed better than any other title in both brick-and-mortar stores as well as digital storefronts across PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, and the like.

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