Moistcr1tikal claims God of War Ragnarok has the “best intro ever”

moistcr1tikal god of war ragnarokmoistcr1tikal/God of War Ragnarok

The much-anticipated God of War Ragnarok has finally released, and was met with praise from critics far before its launch. Now, moistcr1tikal claims that the game has what he’s called the “best intro ever”. Spoilers for the intro ahead.

God of War (2018) was known for having an incredibly bombastic and hard-hitting intro. The opening fight against Baldur set the stage for Kratos and Atreus’ adventure and showed off what the game could offer.

When playing through the intro for God of War Ragnarok, streamer and YouTuber moistcr1tikal referenced the Baldur fight a few times, waiting for the sequel’s equivalent to come if it existed at all.

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But, when he finally got to clash with Thor, the god of thunder, moistcr1tikal (AKA Charlie) was debating whether or not this intro topped that of the first game, and claimed that it was the “best intro ever”.

Moistcr1tikal compares God of War intros

In his video titled, “God of War Ragnarok Has the Best Intro Ever“, Charlie played through the game’s intro and gave his thoughts on the first hour or so of the game. While Charlie was excited about the events leading up to the intro’s highlight fight, the fight itself was the real star of the show.

Kratos’ fight with Thor has much more leadup than the fight with Baldur in the prior entry, with Charlie commenting on Odin’s speech and the failed negotiations between the all-father and the god of war and cracking jokes about the interactions between these characters.

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When asked if he would agree to Odin’s terms of peace, Kratos replied with a simple, “No.” Then, Thor grabbed Mjolnir and knocked Kratos into the stratosphere.

Midway through the fight, Charlie expressed how much he was enjoying this opener. “God, this is so f***ing hype.” He continued his bout with the son of Odin, getting more and more excited as the fight went on until a conclusion that set up for a rematch between the two gods.

When the fight was over, moistcr1tikal took a moment to collect his feelings on the fight and try to form an early opinion on it.

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“That was fantastic. I’d say that was better than Baldur. Or, well— maybe better’s the wrong word. On-par with. That is a great f***ing fight.”