Marvel’s Avengers will be shutting down according to rumor

marvel's avengers shutting downMarvel Games

According to a new rumor, developer Crystal Dynamics plans on shutting down Marvel’s Avengers sometime in 2023.

After years of anticipation, Marvel’s Avengers launched in a dismal state in 2020. The content offerings were sparse, particularly with respect to the endgame. Performance issues kept many from enjoying the experience as intended.

Delays to several post-launch support rollouts only exacerbated the situation. And it didn’t help that controversy surrounding in-game purchases plagued the title fairly early on.

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All in all, Marvel’s Avengers suffered mightily for these missteps and more, with Square Enix later admitting it fell short of commercial expectations.

Yet, even after the Embracer Group acquisition, Crystal Dynamics’ support of the title persisted. That may soon change, however.

Report claims devs are shutting down Marvel’s Avengers

Sources familiar with Cyrstal Dynamics’ operations have reportedly told eXputer the end is nigh for Marvel’s Avengers. Allegedly, the studio previously intended to sunset the title in late 2023.

Lead Developer Brian Waggoner’s recent exit has hastened these plans. (This departure comes on the heels of his role being reduced because of bigoted Twitter posts that resurfaced late last year.)

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According to eXputer’s sources, Crystal won’t replace Waggoner’s role on the already small crew still attached to Avengers content.

Marvel Games

A formal announcement about the live-service winding down could surface next week. Meanwhile, final updates may include “a removal of artificial time gating and an overhaul to the available cosmetic microtransactions.”

Another scheduled update should also introduce adjustments to player traversal, eXputer reports. In terms of its placement on digital marketplaces, Marvel’s Avengers should remain on sale through at least September. After that period, sources say Crystal hopes to allow existing users to enjoy the title for as long as it can.

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Marvel’s Avengers, despite its myriad shortcomings, ultimately gave players plenty of content to sink their teeth into over the course of its service. Expansions for the likes of Hawkeye, Black Panther, and Mighty Thor kept the title alive long-term. But it seems that era is already coming to an end.

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