Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor DLC: Release date, abilities & everything we know

Mighty Thor in Marvel's AvengersSquare Enix / Marvel

Jane Foster, better known as her superhero alter-ego Mighty Thor, is finally coming to Marvel’s Avengers. Here’s everything we know so far, including a confirmed release date.

It’s been a while since the last DLC was released for Marvel’s Avengers, but Square Enix have confirmed that they’ll be following up Black Panther and Spider-Man with the Mighty Thor in June 2022.

This ties in nicely with the upcoming Thor movie, Love and Thunder, where Jane Foster will return to the MCU as the Mighty Thor – although, as always, this Avengers version is based on the comic book character.

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Here’s everything we know about the new Marvel’s Avengers DLC character, Mighty Thor, including a release date, abilities, and the different superhero outfits that the Goddess of Thunder will be able to wear.


A poster for Mighty Thor in Marvel's AvengersSquare Enix / Marvel
The Mighty Thor is finally coming to Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor release date

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor will join the Marvel’s Avengers superhero lineup on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. She will be included as part of the free version 2.5 update, meaning she won’t cost players anything.

The release date was confirmed in a trailer shared on the game’s official Twitter account, which also explained how the Mighty Thor will arrive in the Marvel’s Avengers universe.

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Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor outfits

Four outfits have been revealed for the Mighty Thor in Marvel’s Avengers, which you can see right here. The first is the Iconic Outfit, in which Jane is adorned with “true Asgardian finery” like Odinson.

The second is a Mighty Outfit inspired by Thor #1 (2014), the third is a Valkyrie Outfit inspired by Jane Foster’s evolved Valkyrie alter-ego, and the final is a Thordis Outfit inspired by What If? #10 (1977).

Mighty Thor's Mighty Outfit in Marvel's AvengersRussell Dauterman / Marvel
This is what the Mighty Thor’s Mighty Outfit looks like.

Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor abilities

Developer Crystal Dynamics have confirmed that Mighty Thor will have a new Intrinsic, All-Mother’s Blessing, as well as a new Overcharge ability, God Tempest. Her Ultimate Ability, meanwhile, will let you smite foes with Undrjarn and Mjölnir.

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Mighty Thor will also have a new ranged combo and a new ranged power attack, but other than that, the character is expected to play very similar to the Thor that already exists in the game, which makes sense given their shared weapon of choice.

“Aas a fellow wielder of Mjolnir, her suite of abilities will have a lot in common with the Odinson’s,” explained Crystal Dynamics in their character announcement. “However she will also have elements that are distinctly Jane.”

That’s everything you need to know about the Mighty Thor’s arrival in Marvel’s Avengers. Check out our gaming page for more of the latest news.

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