Marvel Snap reveal shows off breakneck gameplay from former Hearthstone devs

Alan Bernal
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Studios Second Dinner and Nuverse revealed its upcoming free-to-play game, Marvel Snap, a lighting-fast collectible card game (CCG) that ditches the traditional turn-based system.

Marvel Snap comes partly from a new studio filled with veteran developers who worked on Blizzard’s Hearthstone to combine years of CCG wisdom with the Marvel Universe’s host of heroes and villains.

With a punishing Thanos ‘Snap’ mechanic and matches with a life expectancy of only three minutes, Second Dinner is aiming to give players a wildly dynamic take to a card game.

In collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, publisher Nuverse and the devs are preparing to fit 80 years of superhero history into its 2022 release.

During its May 19 reveal, people got to see Marvel Snap in all its glory, with a complete rundown of gameplay and a look at some of the heroes from the 150-card collection set for launch.

Second Dinner is touting its game as the “fastest card battler” in the Multiverse, and for great reason: Like we mentioned, there are no turns in Marvel Snap, and it sets the stage for blistering back-and-forth matches.

“We stripped off all the stuff that gets in the way of ‘fun’ and gets everybody straight into the strategic action,” Chief Product Officer Yong Woo said in the reveal video.

Players will battle across three ‘locations’ out of 50 total, and the goal is to win two out of the three settings.

marvel snap gameplay
Marvel Snap is introducing a new pace to the classic CCG formula.

Gameplay includes a Cosmic Cube mechanic to raise the stakes, a ‘Retreat’ option for strategic depth in case a location goes south, and decks filled with cards with special abilities.

Marvel Snap boils down a traditional card to power peaks so that every moment feels impactful. With decks the size of 12 cards, there’s no time to breathe as both players simultaneously play their hands.

Marvel Snap is due for iOS, Android and PC sometime in 2022, with a closed beta registration window now live for people who want to test the game.

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