Marvel Snap July 19 update patch notes: Nexus Events, Collection Level changes, more

Brad Norton
Marvel Snap cinematic

One month on from the last major update and Marvel Snap’s July 19 patch is now live. From the first-ever Nexus Event to a drastic shakeup for the Collection Level system, and of course, plenty of balance changes, there’s a ton to brush up in the full patch notes.

Although Marvel Snap is still in Closed Beta for the time being, that hasn’t stopped the developers from rolling out one major update after another.

Following up on June’s hefty balance pass, the July 19 patch has now been deployed with a ton of additional changes along with a range of new content.

From the launch of the highly anticipated Nexus Events to all-new card changes, here’s a full breakdown of Marvel Snap’s July 19 update.

First Nexus Event now live in Marvel Snap

Two weeks after its reveal, the very first Nexus Event is now available in Marvel Snap. This limited-time in-game event gives players a new way to access items with more control than usual.

Rather than strictly relying on the randomized Collection Level system, you can instead trade gold for a select range of cards while Nexus Events are live. While there’s still a game of chance in play, meaning you might not secure your desired card right away, it’s a more direct method of gaining specific cards for a brief period.

Marvel Snap Nexus Event rewards
A look at the rewards on offer during the first-ever Marvel Snap Nexus Event.

For this debut, a range of Thor: Love and Thunder rewards are up for grabs to tie in with the Season 2 theme. Jane Foster, Destroyer, along with new art variants for the Guardians of the Galaxy are now available.

Collection Level changes in Marvel Snap

Headlining the July 19 patch is the first considerable adjustment to the Collection Level system. Experienced players will know the struggles of attaining new cards after clearing Collection Level 1000.

As it could previously take multiple days of playing to unlock a single, random card, the dev team has now changed the rewards available at higher tiers. From level 500 players can now find Collector’s Caches along the reward track. These come with a 50% chance of a new card and a 50% chance to get gold, credits, or boosters.

From level 1,000 onwards, players can find Collector’s Reserves which come with a 25% of a new card, a 25% chance to earn a new art variant or avatar, along with a 50% chance to earn gold, credits, or boosters.

Notably, the amount of gold and credits on offer in these higher-tier rewards has been drastically increased. Now, players will be given up to 200 gold and between 200-400 credits at the higher levels.

As a result of these changes, you should be “unlocking cards twice as fast as before,” Ben Brode explained to players. “This is a massive speed-up, that we hope really reduces the feeling of it being a ‘slog’. It means that completing an entire collection of every card will occur much faster than before.”

Marvel Snap July 19 update balance changes

It wouldn’t be a Marvel Snap update without some significant balance changes. This time around, 12 cards in total have been tweaked through the July 19 update.

Most cards were hit with slight stat changes, like America Chavez dropping from a 6 Cost 10 Power card down to 9 Power instead. Though others have received more drastic overhauls.

Jubilee, as an example, had been dominating the meta of late. Moving forward, rather than playing the top card of your deck to the same Location, it now plays a random card from your deck.

You can find the full list of card changes below.

Full Marvel Snap July 19 update patch notes

New Feature: Nexus Events

  • Nexus Events are limited-time events that offer new cards, variants, avatars and more! They are available in the Shop and can be purchased with Gold. (Read the event detail blog for more information!)


  • Collector’s Caches: We’re changing Card and Mystery Rewards in the Collection Level Road at Collection Level 500+ to Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserve Caches. This will cause players to get significantly more credits, gold, and variants, as well as doubling the pace of card rewards for players above 1500 Collection Level.
  • Card Emojis! You can now leave emoji responses on cards after they’ve been played!
  • Card Upgrade visuals and sound effects have been updated. Check it out next time you upgrade any of your cards!
  • Season Cache: Season Rewards for level 51 and beyond have been updated to the Season Cache, which can contain credits, boosters, or sometimes even gold and variants!
  • Since we are adding so many other ways to purchase Credits in this patch, Credit purchases in the Shop are now limited to one purchase per day for each tier.
  • Added Tier Title to your rank in the Ranked Rewards menu to make it easier to understand your current rank.
  • Added “Report a Bug” feature to the Settings menu that allows players to directly report bugs in-game!


  • Weekly Rewards have been split into more pieces and we’ve changed the system to allow for more flexibility – as long as you complete 35 Daily Missions in a week, you can claim all the Weekly Rewards!
  • Fancy new UI to make it easier to claim Daily and Season Missions with less taps.
  • To add even more flexibility to complete the Weekly Mission, you can now use gold to buy an extra Mission Refresh, up to 3x a day.
  • Added handy notifications that you’ve made progress towards Missions on the main screen after a match.
  • We’ve made an update to Mission Rules. You no longer make mission progress if you retreat on turn 1, 2, or 3, unless your opponent snapped.

Art & Visual Effects Updates

  • Updated card visual effects for Blue Marvel and Doctor Strange.
  • Updated location visual effects for Atlantis and Nidavellir.

Audio Updates

  • New card sound effects for Forge, Morph, Nova, Okoye, Strong Guy, and Scarlet Witch.
  • New location sound effects for Atlantis, Danger Room, and Nidavellir.
  • New sound effects added for Collection Level Road.


  • America Chavez – [6/10] -> [6/9]
  • Crossbones: [4/8] You can only play this at locations where you are winning.
  • Ebony Maw – [1/6] -> [1/7]
  • Ghost Rider – [3/3] -> [4/3]
  • Ka-Zar – [4/5] -> [4/4]
  • Okoye – [1/1] -> [2/2]
  • Scarlet Witch – [1/2] -> [2/3]
  • Scorpion – [3/3] -> [2/2]
  • Strong Guy – [2/3] -> [4/4]
  • Jubilee (OLD: On Reveal: Play the top card of your deck to this location.) NEW – On Reveal: Play a card from your deck to this location.
  • Hulkbuster – Hulkbuster now no longer grants his Cost to the attached card
  • Killmonger and Sandman – Available earlier on the Collection Level Road

General Updates

  • Thor can now appear from effects that add random cards, such as Agent 13 or X-Mansion.

Bug fixes

  • Attempting to fix an issue with getting stuck on Waiting for turn if no cards are played.
  • Navigation Bar notification for upgradeable cards in the Collection does not show unless you also have enough Credits to upgrade the card.
  • Lots of card art fixes!
  • Lots of fixes for the Collection Level Road!
  • Fixed several card and location VFX that played to the incorrect place on the screen.
  • Filtering to cards while editing your deck no longer causes the cards to be grayed out.
  • Improved the Power update calculation speed of several cards (eg: Devil Dinosaur).
  • Turned down the brightness on the Booster icon.
  • Morph should now display properly after turning into another card.
  • Fixed several location VFX that don’t move if the locations are shuffled.
  • Miniaturized Lab now displays properly on Android.
  • Lemuria should now use the correct art.
  • Fixed America Chavez/Domino with Weirdworld not working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where location power would not update correctly after resolving Green Goblin or Hobgoblin in a location with Professor X.
  • Renamed UltraLegendary rarity to Ultra.
  • Adjusted spacing between decks in card Collections.
  • Fixed an interaction between The Collector and Sabretooth that would cause a crash.