Marvel Snap July Nexus Events revealed: Dates, new Thor Love and Thunder cards, more

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Marvel Snap Love and Thunder Nexus Events

The very first Marvel Snap Nexus Events have been announced for July, as players now have all-new ways of acquiring Thor Love and Thunder rewards. From key dates to a look at the powerful cards on offer, here’s everything you need to know.

UPDATE August 3: Two weeks after the introduction of Nexus Events and the Marvel Snap team has since backflipped on the feature altogether. There will not be any further Nexus Events moving forward and players that engaged with the first are receiving full Gold refunds along with the Jane Foster card free of charge. The original story continues below.


Although Marvel Snap is still in Closed Beta, new features and fresh content continues to roll out at a rapid pace. Just hours after the game’s second seasonal update went live, a new developer update from Second Dinner revealed even more on the horizon for the month of July.

With Thor Love and Thunder now in focus, the first wave of Nexus Events has been locked in. These limited-time in-game events serve as new ways for players to access various rewards in a given season.

From new cards and cosmetic rewards to in-game currencies, there’s plenty up for grabs. Here’s all we know about the first Nexus Events in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Season 2 Love and Thunder artwork
The first two Nexus Events are set to arrive during Marvel Snap Season 2.

Two Marvel Snap Nexus Events confirmed for July

Although specific dates weren’t provided, Chief Development Officer Ben Brode announced that two separate Nexus Events are locked in for July.

The first of these kicked off alongside the Tuesday, July 19 Marvel Snap update. As for the second Nexus Event, its remains unclear when to expect the next round.

We do know for certain that each event will only be featured for a brief period, but it’s currently up in the air just how long they might stick around for. Nexus Events may last a week, giving fans plenty of time to jump in, or they could be gone after just one weekend akin to Featured Locations.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted here as further details emerge.

July Nexus Events bring new Thor Love and Thunder Cards to Marvel Snap

Kicking things off in July with the very first Nexus Events, Marvel Snap added two new cards to the mix. Both additions are tied around this month’s Love and Thunder-themed season.

With the initial Nexus Event comes Jane Foster. Presented as a 5-cost, 8 Power card, early datamined intel revealed her unique effect that On Reveal: Draws all cards that Cost 0 from your deck.

Moreover, the already-available Destroyer card also features in this first event, giving players a more direct pathway to acquiring it. Destroyer is a 6-cost, 16 Power card that on Reveal destroys all your other cards.

Marvel Snap Nexus Event rewards
A look at the rewards on offer during the first-ever Marvel Snap Nexus Event.

The second Nexus Event in July brings Valkyrie to the fight. As a 5-cost, 3 Power card, Valkyrie comes with the following On Reveal effect: Set all cards at this Location 3 Power.

No different from the first round with Destroyer, the existing Hela card will also be featured in the second Nexus Event. Hela is a 6-cost, 6 Power card which On Reveal, plays all cards you discarded from your hand to random locations.

How Nexus Events work in Marvel Snap

During Nexus Events, players can pay with Gold for a chance to access various rewards. From Avatars to art variants and of course, brand new cards as well. A single roll of the dice costs 180 Gold (roughly $3) while 10 rolls will run you 1,800 Gold (roughly $30 due to the lack of a direct purchase, instead, you’ll have to buy 1,450 Gold, then 700 gold in a separate purchase).

Diving into the first Nexus Event, we now know that there’s a 1.5% chance to earn a ‘Super Rare’ reward with each attempt. Naturally, the new Jane Foster card is locked to this highest tier. Meanwhile, ‘Rare’ tier rewards have a 9.5% chance of dropping with each roll.

Gold can be earned through Weekly Missions, Season Pass Missions, along with the Season Pass itself, or simply bought with your actual money.

Offering up specific cards appears to be the highlight of each event. Rather than having to rely on luck through the Collection Level system, Nexus Events provide a path to unlocking two cards directly. Albeit, not exactly a cheap method.

Beyond that, it’s unclear what else these Nexus Events may involve down the line. We could see new limited-time challenges, more featured Locations, or anything in between. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated here with any new developments.

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