Life is Strange True Colors: Release date, trailer, gameplay, more

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The Life is Strange series has encapsulated fans with two fantastic main titles, a prequel, and a spin-off. Now, that the third iteration in the series has been revealed, we’ve got all the release date, trailer, and gameplay info you need to get excited about Life is Strange: True Colors.

Max and Chloe’s original Life is Strange story from 2015 drew in fans all over the world with a gripping and raw story. Featuring unique gameplay mechanics that allowed players to rewind time on the fly, it’s arguably one of the best narrative-driven games we’ve seen.

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The prequel, Before The Storm, further developed Chloe’s story with more grounded mechanics but equally top-notch storytelling. Life is Strange 2 and its spin-off, The Adventures of Captain Underpants came in 2018, and further redefined the landscape for the series.

Now, new gameplay and story elements in the game will expand upon what players have come to expect in Life is Strange: True Colors.


Life is Strange 3 True ColorsSquare Enix/Deck Nine
There’s a whole new cast of characters to meet and interact with.

Life is Strange: True Colors release date

The title has been confirmed to be releasing on PC, Stadia, PlayStation, and Xbox on September 10, 2021.

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If any developments around the release date occur, we’ll be sure to update you with any new changes.

Life is Strange: True Colors trailers

Since the original announcement trailer back in March 2021, we’ve been treated to a handful of trailers that give fans more insight into the new story.

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Featuring the typical gorgeous, dreamy art style of the franchise, we’re given a peek into what players can expect from Alex’s story and the characters we’ll meet.

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Announcement trailer

Stating that True Colors is “a bold new era… with an all-new playable lead character and a thrilling mystery to solve,” the trailer features the new locale of Colorado, Haven Springs, and a slew of characters (including one returning from the original title – Steph) to get to know.

Idyllic and peaceful, there’s a darker undertone to Haven Springs and the people that live there, Alex implies: “For the first time in years, I really let myself believe… I don’t know what to believe now.”

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“They’re definitely hiding something.”

Gameplay trailer

Featuring 13 minutes of footage, the official Gameplay trailer gives us a little taste of the beautiful art style of what we can expect to see, complete with echoey internal-monologuing from protagonist Alex. We also get a look at Alex’s power of empathy, highlighted by a red aura that surrounds one of the characters in the sequence, Steph.

Haven Springs trailer

Narrated by none other than Steph Gingrich, the Haven Springs trailer introduces one of the game’s main characters: the town itself.

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Introducing the different locales and events we’ll come across like the Spring Festival, we even get insights into fun mini-games like Foosball matches!

Who is developing Life is Strange: True Colors?

Following rumors that Square Enix had removed the original title and sequel developers, Dontnod, the game is created by Deck Nine, the studio that handled Chloe Price and the previously enigmatic Rachel Amber’s prequel story in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Life is Strange: True Colors cast

Alex’s speaking voice is provided by Erika Mori, and it was also revealed that American singer-songwriter ‘mxmtoon’, also known as Maia, will be providing the singing voice of Alex, via a Tweet shared by the star, discussing her cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’.

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What is Life is Strange: True Colors about?

As previously mentioned, Life is Strange: True Colors follows the journey of Alex as she moves to Haven Springs. Following the death of her brother in what is marked as an accident, Alex starts to utilize the power that she has suppressed to find what actually happened, uncovering dark secrets and mysteries along the way.

Haven Springs Life is Strange 3Square Enix/Deck Nine
A darker secret hides within the idyllic Haven Springs.

Gameplay features

While the previous Life is Strange titles featured episodic releases, Life is Strange: True Colors won’t release in this way, instead opting to release the game in its entirety upon release, but will still feature five ‘chapters’ akin to the episodes in prior games.

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Alex Chen’s superpower is empathy, something which she considers to be a “curse.” Players will be able to “experience, absorb and manipulate” the characters of Haven Springs’ emotions, influencing and changing the arc of the game in typical Life is Strange fashion.

Life is Strange 3 PowersSquare Enix/Deck Nine
Alex’s power is that of an empath – she can feel and see those emotions through auras, which affect her own emotions.

Many eagle-eyed fans of the series will also notice the appearance of Steph Gingrich from the earlier titles in the trailer, who allowed players to partake in a Dungeons and Dragons-style game back in Before the Storm.

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Wavelengths DLC

Those who purchase Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of True Colors will receive access to a new, Steph-centric story called Wavelengths, available later in the month on September 30, 2021.

A fan-favorite character that appeared in earlier franchise titles, players can experience Steph’s new job as a radio host over the span of 4 seasons.


Three editions are available for pre-order on each title, with more goodies than any true LiS fan could want. These are:

  • Standard Edition: Containing the base game only. Available for $59.99/£49.99
  • Deluxe Edition: Includes the Steph-centric chapter, Wavelengths, alongside 4 DLC outfits inspired by iconic characters in the series. Available for $69.99/£54.99 
  • Ultimate Edition: Includes all of the above, alongside the Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm remasters. Available for $79.99/£64.99 

*prices obtained via the PlayStation store

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That’s all of the info we’ve got on Life is Strange: True Colors. Make sure to check back often, as we’ll continually update this as new information releases.

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