LEGO Friends Apartment selling at all-time lowest price from Best Buy in Black Friday deal

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Could this BE any more of a bargain? Possibly not with the LEGO Friends Apartment set selling for the historic lowest-ever price from Best Buy for Black Friday.

Best Buy is offering a 19% discount, bringing the price down $34 from $179.99 to $145.99 on the LEGO Friends Apartment set as a part of their Black Friday deals.

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Recreate classic Friends moments in 2,048 LEGO pieces and seven minifigures, including Chandler, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, and the infamous loudmouthed Janice.

The small references to the show are what make this set great, from Joey wearing everything Chandler owns to poking Ugly Naked Guy with the Giant Poking Device. It doesn’t end there, with the chick, duck, and porcelain dog appearing in Chandler and Joey’s apartment; a lot of heart went into this set.

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Fans cannot ignore the incredible details of the LEGO Friends Apartment set, making it an excellent gift for adult LEGO fans. Monica’s kitchen alone is an intricate enough build to keep you busy. Try your best to keep it tidy. After all, it needs to be “Monica Clean”.

Though Friends spans generations of fans, young and old, the LEGO Friends Apartment set does have an 18+ rating on it. Never fear, young LEGO enthusiasts. There are plenty of age-appropriate sets available this holiday season!

This set not only makes an excellent gift for Friends fans but also acts as a small tribute to the late Chandler Bing actor Matthew Perry, who passed away due to drowning.

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