Is Gray Zone Warfare down? Server status, maintenance & outage updates

Jeremy Gan
Gray Zone Warfare splash are image

Wondering if Gray Zone Warfare’s servers are currently up and running? Here is everything you need to know about the latest server status and any planned maintenance or outages. 

Gray Zone Warfare arrived on Steam to much fanfare, despite the many performance issues early on, with thousands checking out the game as it slowly rises through Steam’s player count charts. 

As the Escape From Tarkov rival attracts its own community, you may be wondering how its servers are holding before you hop on. 

So here is everything you need to know about Gray Zone’s server status, if there’s any planned maintenance or outages you need to be aware of. 

What is Gray Zone Warfare’s server status

There are currently no problems with Gray Zone Warfare’s servers.

Although upon launch on April 30, players had issues logging in to the game. However, this was swiftly rectified by Madfinger Games. 

The last time Gray Zone had server issues was on launch day, April 30, as the devs reported that their European servers were at full capacity as thousands checked out the game. 

How to check Gray Zone Warfare’s server status? 

There are multiple ways to keep yourself updated on Gray Zone Warfare’s server status. 

Gray Zone’s official X (formerly Twitter) account is one of the main way the devs announces any outages or planned maintenance for the game. 

Additionally, Gray Zone’s Discord server is also another place where the devs regularly update players on their server’s status. 

Gray Zone’s Steam news page is also another place where the devs keep players informed, however, may not be as immediate as their Twitter account,