Indie FPS game’s official “sex update” adds support for adult toys as controllers

video game uses adult toysYouTube/PITR

Video game controls can sometimes be a pain in the butt, but indie first-person shooter ULTRAKILL is taking things to the next level with an official “sex update.”

The makers of ULTRAKILL have stepped up to deliver a never-before-seen video game experience that gives players a new way to stimulate themselves.

Adult toys have become more accepted in society lately. After all, we live in a world where professional chess players have been accused of using vibrating adult toys to cheat in high-profile tournaments.

As such, ULTRAKILL has implemented a “sex update” that adds support for adult toys with a wild rumble feature.

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ULTRAKILL adds adult toy support

In an official announcement, ULTRAKILL revealed that the game’s “sex update” consists of a mod called ‘UKButt’ that adds support for adult toys.

Now, when the screen shakes, a weapon is fired, or a player uses a movement ability, the mod can kick in and let the toy do its thing.

The developers showed off the mod with the use of an Xbox controller, which is great if you want a default rumble feature and don’t want to stick anything where the sun doesn’t shine.

However, for those who want a bit more spice in their lives, this is the mod for you. Plus, it even features an “emergency stop” cheat in case things get a little too intense.

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As for why the devs decided to make this to begin with? “Because we know our fans,” they said.

ULTRAKILL and the new UKButt mod are available now on Steam.