xQc ponders theory Hans Niemann is using an adult toy to cheat at chess

Michael Gwilliam
xqc on hans niemann adult toy theory

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has responded to the theory that Hans Niemann has been using an adult toy to cheat at chess.

Controversy erupted in the chess world this week when Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura suggested Hans Niemann was cheating at the Sinquefield Cup.

Carlsen notably dropped out of the tournament following a loss to Niemann, who was using the black pieces – an extreme disadvantage in high-level chess.

While Niemann denied rumors of cheating, that didn’t stop people from coming up with theories about how he was cheating with Eric Hansen even suggesting anal beads were somehow involved.

This theory soon went viral, resulting in the likes of Elon Musk and even xQc reacting to the suggestion. However, the French Canadian wasn’t exactly too keen on the idea and explained why an adult toy probably wasn’t being used.

xQc ponders Niemann adult toy chess theory

“People think he’s using [an adult toy] with morse code!” the former OWL pro exclaimed. “How? You think he’s vibrating his moves by contracting his sphincter up and down to communicate what moves he’s doing and receiving?”

According to the Twitch star, there was no way he was cheating, because of how painful it would be for something to be buzzing so much for over 1,000 games.

“This guy’s ass would be so f**king wide open, man!” he said. “This dude must be absolutely loosened up. There’s no shot!”

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That all being said, Lengyel did go on to say that he believes cheating in chess would be one of the easiest to break the rules in.

“If he were cheating though, and I’m just saying, I feel like cheating in chess would be the easier of all games to cheat in,” he explained. “If you’re dedicated enough, even with not that much knowledge you can still find a way to cheat and not get detected.”

As the tournament continues and the fallout from the allegations rolls on, it will be very interesting to see how this chess drama unfolds, even with these wild theories making waves.

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