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How to watch Inside Xbox April 7: What to expect, start time, stream

Published: 7/Apr/2020 3:58

by Andrew Amos


Xbox is hosting its first Inside Xbox presentation for 2020 on April 7, with a focus on the Game Pass, as well as first-party titles like Gears Tactics and Sea of Thieves

With hype building around the next generation of consoles, Xbox are teasing fans with their first Inside Xbox presentation for 2020. These streams often give players a look into exciting content coming later in the year, from games to new hardware.

So, after a few months of waiting, there’s plenty of catching up to do in this upcoming Xbox presentation. We’ve got everything you need to know about catching the presentation, and what you should expect from it.

What should we expect from Inside Xbox on April 7?

Will Tuttle, the Editor-in-Chief of Xbox Wire, said the first Inside Xbox for 2020 will take a look at some of the platform’s biggest titles. Changes are on the way for Gears Tactics and Sea of Thieves, while the Xbox Game Pass will also be given some air time.

After that, players get a first look at Obsidian-developed survival game Grounded. A gameplay demo and live chat with the developers behind the title will be aired directly after the 40 minute update.

However, no new information for the upcoming Xbox Series X release will be made available. Instead, developers will touch on the “recently revealed technical specifications and what they mean for gamers.”

Inside Xbox April 7 stream

The Inside Xbox presentation will be aired on Mixer. You won’t need a Mixer account to watch the stream, but you’ll need it to submit questions for the Grounded Q&A session.

For your convenience, we’ve embedded the stream below:

When does the Inside Xbox April 7 stream begin?

The first episode of Inside Xbox 2020 will take place, funnily enough, on April 7. The stream will kick off at 2pm PT. If you don’t live on the west coast of America, we’ve done the time conversions for you:

  • ET: 5pm April 7
  • GMT: 9pm April 7
  • AEST: 7am April 8

The Grounded game demonstration will kick off at 2:40pm PT, 40 minutes after the start of the stream.


Survey reveals tight race between PS5 and Xbox for next-gen console war

Published: 20/Oct/2020 18:16

by Tanner Pierce


You might expect PS5 to be the clear winner next-gen, given how the PS4 performed during the current generation. But, a new survey suggests that assumption is wrong, and that Sony’s and Microsoft’s console battle might be closer than you might think.

According to a new survey by Baird Equity Research, the PS5 and the Xbox family of next-gen consoles, which includes both the Series X and the less-powerful Series S, are in a deadlock tie this fall, which doesn’t line up with previous expectations.

The survey asked players what their plans were for next-gen. While 41% of players said they were waiting until next year to pick up the new consoles, 18% said they would be picking up the PS5, 13% said they would be picking up the Xbox Series X, while only 5% said they would be picking up the Series S.

PS5 prices
Sony Interactive Entertainment
While most people might think that the PS5 would be the clear winner next-gen, this may not end up being the case.

Looking at those numbers, as originally reported by, PS5 would be the winner if you compared to it each individual console in the family.

However, combining both the Series X and Series S numbers (especially considering they can both run the same games) reveals that, overall, the same percentage of gamers said that they were getting Sony’s and Microsoft’s console.

While this certainly isn’t the best-case scenario for Microsoft, (beating Sony would definitely be preferable) it’s certainly good news for them, as it means that whatever the company is doing is working.

While no one knows exactly why the Xbox family of consoles is tied with PS5, it may be due to the Series S.

Could this be attributed to the fact that the company is making an affordable version of the console in the form of the Series S? It’s certainly possible but at this point, it’s impossible to know.

It’s also worth pointing out that these are based on surveys. How people actually choose to spend their money could shake up completely different when the consoles actually launch and especially when they become more available. Still, it’s an interesting point, nonetheless.

The Xbox Series X/Series S is set to launch on November 10, 2020, while the PS5 hits store shelves on November 12, 2020.