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How to unlock third charm slot early in Ghost of Tsushima

Published: 18/Jul/2020 23:17

by Brent Koepp


Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima has finally landed on the PlayStation 4. The open-world samurai title has a wealth of items and secrets to unlock. Here is our guide on how to quickly obtain a third charm slot early on in your game. 

Ghost of Tsushima made its debut on PS4 on July 17. The latest release from Sucker Punch Productions has players taking on the role of samurai Jin Sakai, who must utilize every weapon and item he can get his hands on to defeat the Mongols that have invaded his land.

In the game, there are unlockable slots that let you equip charms. The incredibly helpful items give a boost to the protagonist’s various stats such as strength and health recovery. Here is everything you need to know about unlocking a third slot early on.

praying at shrine ghost of tsushima
Sucker Punch / PlayStation / GosuNoob
Following a wild fox will lead you to shrines which help you unlock charm slots.

Unlock third charm slot early in Ghost of Tsushima

In order to unlock charm slots, you need to first discover Fox Dens. When traversing the map, you might see one of the red-furred canines walking about. Following the animal will lead you back to their den which houses the Inari Shrines. Praying at these locations will give you points to obtain more slots.

After the opening sequence, players will be given free reign to explore the map as they see fit. The quickest way to unlock new charm slots is to pray at shrines. Here are three of those locations that will can be quickly accessed early on in the game.

Jade Hills

Early on in the game, players will become familiar with Jade Hills. To the left of the location is a flowing river that runs all the way through the top of the map. If you follow the water a little way up north, you will eventually find the first Fox Den.

Izuhara Clearing

ghost of tsushima fox den

Players are warned at the beginning of the story to stay clear of the Kaneda Compound as it’s heavily armed. But heading up north to the Izuhara Clearina just below it, you will find another Den. The shrine is located a little way to the right of the text on the map.

South of Hidden Springs Forest

ghost of tsushima fox den

This one is easy to find, as it’s not hard to miss the massive Hidden Springs Forest located on your map. Travel directly below the area until you hit the river. Cross the water, and the Fox Den is located near the edge of the other side.

In order to unlock a charm slot, you must first fill up three bars of progress. If you haven’t already gained points, praying at shrines will quickly get the job done.

Technically there are more shrines on the map, but these are three that are closest to the game’s starting point. And remember, if you ever see a wild fox, make sure to follow it.


Valorant leak reveals fan-favorite Reaver skins returning for Halloween

Published: 24/Oct/2020 2:24 Updated: 24/Oct/2020 3:01

by Andrew Amos


The Reaver skins have been long requested in Valorant since the beta. After being an option for players to buy, they suddenly disappeared with no intention of coming back. Except, they are, with a leak revealing the skin line is returning in time for Halloween.

When the Valorant closed beta ended, everyone lost all of their progress. This included Agents and skins, which players were forced to grind for again.

However, while most of the closed beta contents made the full release, the Reaver skin line didn’t. The deep purple and gold skins for the Operator, Vandal, Sheriff, and Melee were left in the closed beta, and players weren’t happy.

Reaver collection in Valorant
Riot Games
The Reaver skins disappeared after the closed beta, but they’re coming back.

Every skin release since has had a dedicated chorus of complaints about where the Reaver collection is. That chorus may be silenced now though, as a Valorant leak has revealed Reaver skins could be returning for Halloween.

According to dataminer ‘ValorLeaks,’ the Reaver skin collection has been spotted in the main Valorant files under the codename “SoulStealerV2.” They’ll be launching in time for the spooky season, and will be “new and improved.”

“The Reaver Skin set will be the Halloween Skins for Valorant this holiday. They will be new and improved. A few updates ago I spotted ‘SoulStealerV2’, [and] Soul Stealer was the code name for Reaver,” they added.

New and improved could mean more skins to bolster the collection ⁠— most Valorant skin lines have five skins, while Reaver only has four. It could also mean new effects on reload, draw, and more.

It also comes after the Valorant account tweeted out a teaser on October 23. With the caption “decode this,” the image hint had six phrases ⁠— all saying “I’m returning” in different languages ⁠— alongside the scoped-in reticle for the Reaver skin.

Almost immediately the puzzle was solved, and the hype is unbearably real. However, there’s still a couple of questions: what guns will be a part of the Reaver collection, and when exactly is it coming?

Given Halloween is less than 10 days away, players can probably expect the Reaver skins to drop shortly. Patch 1.12 is set to release on October 27, and if we were to hazard a guess, it could be coming after the update. Keep your eyes peeled though, because Reaver is back.