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How to level up fast in Tales of Arise: Best way to farm EXP

Published: 8/Sep/2021 17:16

by James Busby


Tales of Arise features plenty of tough enemies and you’ll need to come prepared if you wish to best them, so what are the fastest ways to level up? 

Tales of Arise is one of the best JRPGs to release this year, but even series veterans could find themselves in trouble if you don’t level up your party. From low-level boars to monolithic insectoids, there are plenty of beastly creatures for you to take down when venturing through the regions of Dahna. 

Whether you’re looking to gain access to the most powerful Artes or just wish to destroy a particularly tough boss, you’ll need plenty of EXP. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can increase your party’s levels in Tales of Arise. 


1. Cook EXP enhancing food

Bandai Namco
Fighting on a full stomach is the way to go in Arise.

By far the easiest way to increase your party’s EXP is to cook food that gives you an EXP bonus. To do this, simply head over to a nearby camp or town Inn and select the food item from the menu. For example, the Fruit Sandwich gives you EXP Boost L for 30 minutes. Once you’ve consumed your chosen meal, head out into the field and begin defeating enemy mobs. 

2. Farm monsters for Battle Chain Bonuses

Tale of Arise Battle Bonus
Bandai Namco
Battle Chain Bonuses give you access to rare enemies.

This may seem like a simple tip, but it is arguably the most efficient way to farm experience. Simply enter a high-level area or one where the enemies put up a fight, then begin taking them down as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you keep fighting mobs, you’ll accumulate an EXP bonus based on your current CP level. 


The more enemy encounters you successfully defeat, the higher your CP level will rise. Once this gauge has capped out, you’ll start to see rarer enemy encounters and gain access to more item drops. Rare enemy variants hit harder than regular monsters, but they do reward more CP and EXP upon their defeat – making them particularly lucrative for leveling. 

3. Fight Giant Zeugles

Bandai Namco
Giant Zeugles may hit hard, but the rewards are always worth it.

These monolithic monsters can be in dungeons and in various locations scattered around the world. Not only do they have much higher HP than regular mobs, but they are also capable of wiping out your party in just a few hits. While the difficulty of the fight will largely depend on the level of your party, you’ll be able to farm huge amounts of experience, gains access to rare items, and even get plenty of Skill Points (SP).


Every Giant Zeugle has a weak point, which is usually denoted by a specific glowing body part. Simply concentrate all your attacks on these areas to break them. Once broken, the gigantic creature will fall to the ground, giving you plenty of opportunities to unleash your most devastating moves. 

4. Adjust the combat difficulty

Tales of Arise difficulty
Bandai Namco
Raising the difficulty will reward you with more CP.

The more CP your gain, the higher Artes proficiency and Skill Points you’ll gain. While you’ll naturally gain more CP by using your combos, Boost Attacks, Boost Strikes, and defeating enemies quickly – there is another way you can increase this bonus. 

Head over to your settings and change the game’s difficulty. While your enemies will hit much harder, the added CP will get you farming rare enemies that yield a high amount of EXP in no time. 


To make matters even better, Arises difficulty options can be adjusted at any point in the game. If you find yourself needing to pick up a few extra levels, then simply ramp up the difficulty and get farming away. 

5. Complete Side Quests

Tales of Arise EXP Artifacts
Bandai Namco
Artifacts make grinding levels even quicker.

Just like all RPGs, Tales of Arise is home to loads of side quests. While early game requests yield very little amounts of SP and Gald, you’ll want to begin picking them up after the first chapter. 

This is because there a number of NPCs that will reward you with Artifacts. These ancient items enable players to activate certain in-game bonuses. These range from increased CP gain, EXP, food duration, and other enhancing effects. 


Once you have unlocked any Artifacts, simply head over to your Field Guild and select the Artifacts hub to activate them. 

So, there you have it, all the best ways to farm experience fast in Tales of Arise. Make sure you check out our Tales of Arise review for the latest lowdown.