How to get BioShock: The Collection & The Sims 4 for free with PS Plus

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Sony unveiled the February 2020 PlayStation Plus games for PS4, and it includes the landmark FPS series BioShock and popular EA title The Sims 4.

First released in 2007, BioShock was a groundbreaking FPS title that mixed the genre’s gameplay with thought-provoking story, and had incredible world-building as players explored the undersea city of Rapture.

The series would spawn a trilogy, which developer 2K Games remastered in a single package called the “BioShock: The Collection” in 2016, and now players can experience the franchise all over again with PlayStation Plus.

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2k Games
The landmark FPS is coming to PlayStation plus in February.

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BioShock Collection & The Sims 4 come to PlayStation Plus

If you are one of the millions of players who have PlayStation Plus (and you have the PS4 required to play online multiplayer titles), you can claim your free copy of The BioShock Collection and The Sims 4 starting in February.

Sony announced on January 29 that the two popular titles will be available to users who pay for a subscription next month, as well as the SIE produced Firewall: Zero Hour for those with a PSVR unit.

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The reveal came from the official PlayStation Twitter account, which linked to the official PS Blog for details. “All three games will be available from February 4 to March 2. This means January’s games will be available via PS Plus for just a few more days, so grab ‘em before they’re gone!” it read.

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All players have to do is logon to the PlayStation Network on February 4, and locate the PS Plus tab, where the month’s current free games will be listed. Even if you don’t plan on playing the titles right way, it’s important to claim your games add them to your library before March 2.

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While they aren’t technically free as you have to pay for a monthly subscription, most users already pay for Plus to get full access to online multiplayer, as it became a requirement during this generation.

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Make sure to claim your games on PSN!

Most eyes will be on BioShock, but also included in next month’s games is the 2014 Maxis developed The Sims 4, one of the most popular simulation game franchises in the world, and perfect if you want a more laid-back experience.

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PlayStation Plus made its debut in 2010 for the PS3, and served as a supplemental service to their online features. Although in 2013 with the launch of PS4, Sony made it mandatory for those that wanted to play online titles such as Call of Duty.

Despite most players paying for the service to get the full features of their system, the monthly free games are a sort of reward for spending the cash, and are definitely worth checking out as some truly fantastic titles show up from time to time.

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