Hilarious FIFA Mobile glitch is injuring players with celebrations

Lawrence Scotti

A clip from FIFA Mobile has gone viral showing how players are accidentally injuring others during celebrations on the pitch.

FIFA Mobile, originally released in 2016, has given football fans the ability to enjoy the popular sports franchise on the go using their phones.

The game isn’t completely free of problems, however. A clip from the mobile app has gone viral after a glitch is injuring players during goal celebrations.

FIFA 22 Mbappe PSG
FIFA Mobile sports a ton of the same features as mainline FIFA titles.

Viral FIFA Mobile glitch injures players

The FIFA Mobile glitch was originally spotted by Reddit user jn_jr as they posted the video on the FIFA Mobile subreddit, where it first drew attention.

The clip is of the player scoring a goal and during the celebration, they turned to an opposing player and kicked them directly in the legs, actually injuring them in the process.

The post was titled, “Meanwhile on FIFA Mobile.”, and immediately shot up to the top of the subreddit for how strange it is to cheap shot an opponent as a bragging move.

Some in the comment section of the post criticized the current state of FIFA Mobile as one user commented, “ah FIFA mobile. makes you realize that FIFA 22 isn’t THAT p2w (pay to win) when looked at in comparison to this mess.”

Another commenter noted how there used to be an option in older FIFA titles to aggressively foul players on purpose and said, “I miss FIFA 99 when there was an explicit “foul” button and they’d do stuff like this on purpose.”

Hopefully, the glitch can be removed so players can get back to celebrating their goals without any trips to the injured list.

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