Hideo Kojima wants to make a game while in outer space: “Someone send me”

Cassidy Stephenson
Hideo Kojima wants to make a game in space

Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima wants to visit space and create a game during his exploration.

Kojima — the mastermind behind the Metal Gear series — has become well-known for saying some outlandish statements. For example, he previously explained how he had hoped to become an AI after dying. Kojima’s sentiment took dedication to content creation to a whole new level.

After parting ways with Konami, the video game designer founded Kojima Productions. The studio’s first ambitious project – Death Stranding – fared well with critics and players for its voice-acting and stunning visuals.

Now, Kojima may be committed to a new out-of-this-world experience: creating a game while in space.

Kojima hopes to create a game people can play in space

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On Twitter, Axios writer Stephen Totilo posted a picture of Kojima at the NYC premiere of his documentary Connecting Worlds. At the event, Summer Game Fest host Geoff Keighley inquired about the Metal Gear creator’s plans for the future.

“I want to go to outer space,” Kojima said. “I want to go to outer space and create a game you can play in space. So please someone send me up to space.”

In the past, Kojima has dabbled with interesting technology components in the game development process. One of his gaming experiments was the Game Boy Advance title Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. The cartridge included a light sensor that charged in-game weapons while players were outside in the sun.

He has also discussed creating a game that would self-destruct after users suffer from in-game deaths. Therefore, you would have to buy another copy after each loss.

For those interested in watching Kojima’s documentary Connecting Worlds, check out our article on how to stream it. Otherwise, stay updated with our Death Stranding coverage for news about the title’s upcoming sequel.

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