Godfall features a surprising Borderlands crossover

godfall and borderlands crossoverGearbox Software, Counterplay Games

In one of the cooler gaming promotions of the year, Godfall will feature exclusive content with a Borderlands crossover. The content appears to be exclusive pre-order content, making it a rare, must-have item.

Godfall is set to hack ‘n’ slash its way onto the PS5 with its mix of Destiny-esque boot-and-loot gameplay. The game looks absolutely stunning, and features a myriad of dangerous weapons to help you in your mission.

Publisher Gearbox has offered a playful nod to, arguably their most successful series, Borderlands with exclusive crossover content. Furthermore, it does appear that the content is only available to gamers that pre-order the game, so urgency may be required.

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What is the content?

zero in borderlands 3Gearbox Software
Zer0 is a super-accurate marksman.

Inside of the game’s case is a card that has stamped on it “Pre-Order Digital Loot”. It then proceeds to show-off the exclusive items with illustrations and descriptions. Everything from electric new Valorplate skins to a welcome starter pack is included.

However, at the bottom of the card is some suspicious-looking font reading “+Plus! Zer0’s Sword”.

godfall pre-order zero borderlands contentGearbox Software
Zer0 frequently wielded a deadly sword.

Zer0 is a playable Vault Hunter in Gearbox’s Borderlands franchise – in particular the second game. He returned in the third installment, but as an NPC, to propel the story forward. It’s a nice nod to one of the series’ most popular characters, and should hopefully deal some high damage!

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Godfall unboxing

For a full video of the unboxing, check out POPnGames‘ video.

It gives a close-up look at the beautiful PS5 box art and a more extensive look at the Godfall Borderlands crossover.

Godfall is scheduled for release on November 12. It will also be a PS5 launch day title.

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