Ghost Recon battle royale is Warzone “carbon copy” according to leakers

An image of Ghost Recon FrontlineUbisoft

Ghost Recon: Frontline is Ubisoft’s next foray into the battle royale genre, but before the game has even launched, leakers are already claiming the game is extremely similar to Warzone. 

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon franchise has seen numerous makeovers in the last decade, with games such as Wildlands and Breakpoint marking new chapters for the future of the series.

Now, the Assassin’s Creed developers are once again setting their crosshair on the battle royale genre with Ghost Recon: Frontline.

As the closed beta approaches to offer players their first glimpse of the game, leakers are already unimpressed with the in-game experience.

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tom clancys frontline explosionUbisoft
Ghost Recon: Frontline aims to capture the same intensity seen in previous games.

Leakers say Frontline is a “carbon copy of Warzone”

Ghost Recon: Frontline hasn’t officially debuted for players yet, but leakers such as Tom Henderson have had a chance to glimpse Ubisoft’s creation, however initial reactions aren’t exactly favorable.

Tom Henderson of the VGC noted that: “Early reports are suggesting that the Ghost Recon: Frontline Closed BETA is a carbon copy of Warzone in a lot of areas.”

“Similar animations, similar sounds, etc. Nothing innovative” added Henderson on the game’s current state. Redditor Parzalai had the chance to dive into Frontline too, stating sampling: “Game looks like poo, runs like trash on a 30 series card.”

The Redditor continued, speaking on the quality of the game’s world they said “Maps are weirdly designed, I be hearing gunshots everywhere but can’t face an enemy or just get shot in the map.”

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Weapons apparently aren’t up to scratch either as “recoil is similar to CSGO but worse” while “animations are bad” and it “looks like an indie game.”

However, they did share praise for the game’s keybinding system: “Control feel clunky, crouching sort of feels delayed, though the keybinding options are one of the best I’ve seen.” Frontline is also set to feature a “basic domination game, but you get these points with kills and captures that you can put towards new guns and scorestreaks.”

Ubisoft has yet to set a concrete release date for Ghost Recon: Frontline, but you can keep updated with the game as new developments arrive.

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