Twitch streamer goes viral on TikTok with amazing “foot keyboard” setup

Foot Keyboard TikTokTikTok / Pexels

Twitch streamer ‘boneyTTV’ went viral after posting a TikTok that showed off his absurd setup where he utilizes a “foot keyboard” for communication and in-game movement.

People that stream may run into some problems with balancing key binds to make sure that they can talk to their chat, in-game, and to their friends in a call.

While there are tools that can make this easier like a stream deck or foot pedal. However, upcoming streamers may not be willing to spend the money on one.

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This is why Twitch streamer boneyTTV decides to show off a “DIY” modified keyboard that does everything a foot pedal can and even helps when playing certain games.

Viral TikTok shows streamer’s wild setup

In a TikTok posted on January 27, boney displays his unusual stream setup, where he takes a normal piece of equipment and makes it into stream deck-like gear .

While he doesn’t use an actual pedal, his homemade one seems to work just as well. He took an old keyboard, that he claims to have found in his basement, and maps commands to certain keys.

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On the far right, he uses his foot to hold down a button for push-to-talk in Discord. He then uses the right arrow key for his in-game mic to talk to teammates.

Not only does he use it for communication, but it’s also coded to help for specific games. All the way over on the other side of the modified keyboard, he created a wooden pedal that lets his character crouch in the game.

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He even posted another TikTok that shows how this is compatible while using a controller. In Apex, you can have both a keyboard and controller equipped at the same time. So his crouching mechanic can work for players using that input.

One person said this would be an upgrade from what they had, “Actually awesome. I bought a foot pedal from Amazon that I can’t reprogram.” While another was mind blown, “Bro is living in the year 3022.”

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