First Need For Speed 2022 screenshots leaked

Andrew Highton
parked car in need for speed

The new Need For Speed title is still speeding towards a 2022 release and the first images of the game have apparently emerged in leak form.

Insider reports have indicated that a new Need For Speed game is due in 2022 and fans of the series have been holding their breath for some concrete news to emerge about the historic racing franchise.

Need For Speed: Heat was the most recent entry in the series and even though it had some redeeming qualities, it hasn’t gone down as one of the best Need For Speed games of all time.

Loyal followers are praying that the next game can hit top gear and deliver a solid driving experience, and these leaked pictures seem to be the first real evidence of the 2022 iteration.

Need For Speed 2022 leaks race onto the scene

Reddit user Ziimbian, a moderator for Need For Speed’s subreddit and Discord pages, recently posted images claiming them to be from the new Need For Speed game.

Their tweets implied that they’ve been in possession of the pics for some time: “Ok now, you can look at this picture now,” they said before sharing the first image.

It contained a classic-looking car with “NFS” on the number plate. Not only that, but a radar for the game’s open world is available in the bottom-left corner, along with a modern city vibe.

The user also posted another leak, but this time it was in response to gaming insider Tom Henderson’s tweet regarding the game being delayed: “I’ve still yet to hear anything on a reveal date for the new NFS title apart from that there are ongoing playtests. The reveal was scheduled for late July and was pushed back,” Henderson had said.

In a reply, Ziimbian showed another screenshot of some vintage Ferraris parked in front of some humorous graffiti.

Interestingly, Henderson saw the leaked image and seemed to reaffirm the picture’s validity with a GIF of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson nodding in agreement.

There have been some suggestions that the next Need For Speed game will actually be a sequel to NFS: Heat and this wouldn’t be a farfetched idea given that we’ve had direct sequels before in the series.

Obviously, these are leaks with little substance to back them up, so we’ll have to see if the official unveiling of Need For Speed 2022 confirms the legitimacy of these pictures. Racing fans can check out its race rival Wreckreation in the meantime as it looks to cause a ruckus in the genre.