The First Descendant players blast Hard Mode oversight that ruins endgame

Brianna Reeves
first descendant hard mode

The First Descendant players can’t believe the game’s Hard Mode lacks matchmaking, a “huge oversight” that may not bode well for the endgame.

As things currently stand, The First Descendant boasts two World difficulties, Normal and Hard. Players can only access the latter after completing the main campaign missions on Normal.

The added challenge isn’t the sole benefit available to those who jump into the endgame; Hard Mode also includes better rewards.

As such, many players can’t wait to see what exactly the higher World difficulty entails, but one unfortunate shortcoming has some second-guessing their long-term commitment to the shooter.

The First Descendant’s Hard Mode offering currently lacks matchmaking options, which Reddit users have described as a “huge oversight [that] honestly needs to be put in ASAP.”

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The omission of matchmaking means players can’t team up with randoms on the Hard World difficulty. Instead, those hoping to play with others must join or create parties.

Notably, The First Descendant’s growing community isn’t pleased with this revelation, with several players saying they’re now unlikely to explore the endgame.

One such comment in the Reddit thread reads, “Guess I won’t get to see endgame. Well done, Nexon.”

Another person said that despite understanding the reason for such a decision, it’s one they can’t abide. “That will be when I stop playing, unfortunately. I get it to an extent as sometimes harder difficulties require communication… Many games do it but I’m just not up to the task of searching for clans in games anymore.”

Players have expressed similar thoughts on the game’s Steam forums. “Wow. Who thought that was a good idea,” wrote one player in response to a post about Hard Mode’s lack of matchmaking.

Another disgruntled user joined the chorus to say, “Uhh, what? No matchmaking in hardmode? Well, that’s the game dead for me then.”

While The First Descendant players hope developers will add Hard Mode matchmaking and other changes soon, there’s no word on whether anything is in the works.

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