Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC version slammed as “worst AAA” port ever

Square Enix

The critically acclaimed remake of Final Fantasy 7 has finally made its way to PC, but the results are less than stellar for this fan favorite title.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released in April 2020, with the next-gen version gaining praise for its rejuvenated approach to the classic title. While the console versions satisfied the majority of players, others were waiting in the wings as rumors of a PC version began to stir.

On December 16 the PC version of FF7 Remake was released onto the Epic Games Store, but the wait doesn’t seem to have paid off as port has been blasted as one of the “worst AAA” titles for PC.

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A screenshot of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.Square Enix / PlayStation
Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a smash hit on consoles.

FF7 PC port is deemed “unacceptable”

According to Alexander Battaglia, of video game tech site Digital Foundry, the PC port of FF7 Remake is “just unacceptable,” as he recently broke down the game’s issues. With no discernible options for deeper graphical customization, Battaglia later noted that the game suffers from an “incredible stutter” when the game is booted in ‘Default Mode’.

A commenter noted that he hopes modders intervene with the game’s underwhelming options: “I wouldn’t be surprised if modders end up making a tool with more tweaks for it than the base game has.”

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Fellow Digital Foundry colleague, John Linneman, shared his frustrations on footage captured by Alexander: “’s a mess. The smooth presentation was central to its storytelling and this version compromises it.”

As the developers gear up for an eventual Steam release, players can only hope to see numerous fixes implemented soon.